The Third Time is 'Another' Charm. Creform AGC Helps Put the Pack in Packaging

Economical and compact AGC allows packaging company to repetitively move small and light loads effectively

Nothing says more about the value of a company’s product than repeat business from an existing customer. Case in point is Creform and a consumer packaging company. The packaging company had long been a customer of Creform and had purchased a variety of AGV models.

Along with some of the more robust units from Creform, the company has also purchased economical and small AGCs to handle repetitive moves and lighter loads. With their increased production, they needed another. Enter Creform and its staff of engineers. The system recommended was its FHS-A20020, a simple, low-cost AGC.

The FHS-A20020 has many features that provide even greater value. It is well suited for a simple loop with multiple stopping points for material delivery, as well as ideal for point-to-point delivery. It follows a peel and stick guidepath that is easily and quickly installed and changed.

A unique feature of the AGC includes its off-board system for the unit to open and close air-lock doors automatically. The AGC pulls up, opens the first door, and proceeds into a lock chamber. The first door closes and the second door opens. The AGC pulls out and the door closes behind it. The high bar on the AGC is actually a door guard to protect the unit if a door comes down unexpectedly protecting not only the AGC and the door but also the customer’s products.

The FHS-A20020 is constructed from Creform pipe and joint components for light weight and flexibility while still maintaining the strength needed to complete the task.

Although the FHS-A20020 can be constructed in larger and different configurations, the unit shown is 35”L x 19”W x 72”H. The compact dimensions allow the unit to travel in space restricted areas where many larger units cannot fit.

The single-direction AGC carries roll goods for the packaging company but can be configured to transport boxes or totes. It can carry loads up to 300 lb.

It comes with 12 volt system powered by a deep-cycle battery, supported by Placon rollers for easy transfer on/off the AGC. The batteries are charged on a Creform stand and are exchanged between shifts.

Creform FHS-A20020 units come with complete safety equipment including an audible warning device, flashing light, non-contact object detector, safety bumper and E-stop. 

The Creform System is used to create an array of material handling and efficiency enhancing devices and is a proven component in continuous improvement and Lean Manufacturing programs. The company partners with customers in developing and implementing these programs.           


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