The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command Awards Spartan Environmental Technologies Contract for Ozone Generators

The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) awards Spartan Environmental Technologies (Spartan) contract for six air cooled high purity ozone generators. The ozone generators will be used as part of marine life support systems. This is the third contract awarded by SPAWAR to Spartan for ozone generators and related equipment over the last four years.

Spartan has supplied ozone generators and systems to other naval commands and the US Army for various applications including research and development, drinking water and wastewater treatment.

Spartan Marketing Director Anthony Sacco stated, "We are pleased that the SPAWAR has once again selected Spartan to assist their mission with the supply of ozone generators. "

About SPAWAR: Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) is one of three Department of Navy major acquisition commands, this means acquiring, installing, delivering and maintaining advanced information technology capabilities to the fleet to keep war fighters one step ahead of adversaries.

About Spartan: Spartan Environmental Technologies is a supplier of ozone based systems for air and water treatment applications serving commercial, industrial and governmental clients.

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