The Significance of Process Enhancement Software for Injection Molding

You can increase your capability and over-site processes with the right custom injection molding enhancement software. Plastics manufacturers can expand productivity and performance.

When obtaining real-time data is prioritized - traceability, production and quality becomes even more beneficial because it helps to correct negative trends like reduced production when they occur. Data collection assists in accomplishment of more exact attendance to customer specifications.

When alarms and notifications signal a process trend it gives you time to respond before the machine goes off specifications causing out of specification product results. Consistent processes for making parts have consistent outcomes and being able to plot this information makes a trend that when it skews from the standard - the custom injection molder can pick up when a part is trending out of control.

Having access to real-time data will eliminate silos of information that will minimize the time and effort necessary for processing and correlating data with lot and serial numbers during inventory.

Process monitoring gathers real-time data on machine performance and instantly updates schedules and inventory. The statistical process control (SPC) module gathers, tracks and measures variable and attribute statistics for manufactured parts. It also offers quality and performance measurements with charting and analysis tools.

When using Sigmasoft process enhancement software you can effectively place every component of your mold into this simulation. The users analyze and take virtual looks at every stage and part. This makes it easy to analyze production processes from the beginning of the injection phase and follow the process through multiple cycles including the heating and cooling phases of the process.

Quality custom injection molding software programs take the trial and error process away from new parts and places it into a virtual world where the simulations can be used to illustrate how changes might make specific parts easier to mold. They also show how machine operations can change parameters to those that improve processes and avoid potential problems.

The simulation records also leave records that are used to certify parts and processes. Regardless of the economic climate, making improvements in both production and process efficiency can be the most effective way to improve your company's profitability.

Process and production improvements are accomplished by measuring and managing key performance indicators like Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). While these measurements can be captured manually, the greatest improvements are achieved when a production monitoring system is used to measure and manage this data.

It is important to consider the systems that are developed specifically for the custom injection molding application. While other systems will work, the custom injection molding process is unique in its operation.

Crescent utilizes real-time ERP software and Sigma Soft. By utilizing Sigma Soft Mold fill simulation software we get computers that are aided by 3D simulation of how the mold fills, packs and cools during the injection molding process before.

This happens before the part and mold are even built, which helps to make critical decisions and often solves problems before manufacturing even begins. Ethical partnerships with employee-owned Crescent Industries are available for those ready to begin their custom injection molded project. To learn more about Crecent Industries' capabilities, visit our website or call 1-800-411-3844.

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