The Screen Porch: The Best Place to Enjoy All of Fall's Offerings

Tuscaloosa, Ala. - Ahh...fall - the season in which cool, crisp breezes replace the scalding summer heat. This year, start it off right by adding a screen enclosure to your patio or porch...and become the envy of the neighborhood with your new outdoor retreat. Dinner parties, football games, family time or simply sitting back and relaxing in a rocker - the screen porch will be your go-to spot!

Selecting the right screening doesn't have to be tough. Phifer Incorporated makes it easy, offering a variety of options - fiberglass, aluminum, bronze or stainless - in a range of colors and a variety of mesh sizes, down to the tiniest holes that prevent the entry of even the smallest pests. Looking for the best in visibility, pet resistance or antimicrobial features? Phifer has it all.

One of the newest to Phifer's screening lineup is BetterVue® Improved Visibility Insect Screen (iVis). Ideal for all screening applications - windows, doors or porches - BetterVue's increased openness and smaller yarn diameters offer increased protection against small insects and maximize the outward view, making it sharper and more brilliant.

Phifer Insect Screening can be found in most major hardware and home center stores. For more information about Phifer's insect screening products, e-mail inquiries through the Web site at or visit
A master weaver with 60 years of experience and a forward-thinking mentality, Phifer is the world leader in the production of interior and exterior sun protection fabrics, cutting-edge, specialty screen products for windows and doors, stock/custom engineered mesh and textile products and high performance outdoor designer fabrics.


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