The Sapling Company Receives Recognition from "Good Design" Awards

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, PA - The Sapling Company, a leader in synchronized IP, wired and wireless clock systems, has recently received notice of its award for "Good Design" in the creation and manufacturing of their wireless clock system. Sapling has been a provider of wireless clocks to schools, hospitals, universities, and many other facilities and institutions since 2005.

The Good Design Awards are run and operated by two organizations: The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. Since 1950, these two icons of the design and architecture industry have accepted thousands of product submittals from companies all over the world. These companies are looking to have their product examined by a handful of some of the most well-renowned designers, architects, and CEOs on the globe, in hopes that they will have the pleasure of saying their product exudes all the qualities they look for at The Good Design Awards. The judges base the awards on innovation, sustainability, and originality. In short, they're looking for something that crosses the boundaries of what is considered a "normal" product.

Sapling attributes the award mainly to the design changes that their wireless clocks have undergone in the past two years. With a new look and a completely different model (the square clock) added to the product line, the design of Sapling's wireless system has truly gone through a major transformation. However, they do believe that the design in functionality has also played a huge part in the award. The sustainability of their wireless clock solution has been proven by an extremely low failure rate for a system that has been in the field since 2005. With the ability to send and receive the wireless signals, Sapling's wireless clocks significantly enhance one major thing that makes the system reliable and sustainable: signal coverage. By sending and receiving the wireless signal, Sapling Wireless Clocks are able to create a mesh network, providing seemingly unlimited signal coverage and signal reliability that is unparalleled.

While the sustainability played a part in the award to Sapling's wireless system, the design changes and aesthetic appeal of the product, Sapling believes, really made the biggest impact on the judges' decision. "Sapling is very proud to be a recipient of the Good Design Award," said Mitch Gobetz, Sapling's Marketing Manager. "We worked extremely hard to have a great looking, reliable product. This award solidifies that hard work." In 2011, Sapling made an entire redesign of their wireless digital clock housing, as well as added a new line of wireless analog clocks: the analog square clock. The digital housings were converted to high-quality ABS material, allowing for a sleek new design and the elimination of an external antenna. The new look of the wireless digital clock not only gives an enhanced aesthetic appeal to previous looks, but improves its functionality as well. With the addition of the square clock line, Sapling's wireless system now caters to a more modern design that architects and engineering often look for. Boasting a high-quality, ABS housing, polystyrene dial, and shatter-proof polycarbonate crystal, Sapling's square clock fits the need of any modern design. Additionally, through rigorous designing and tooling of the new products, Sapling redesigned their housings, both in the new digital and the square clock housing, to be multifunctional. Not only can both clocks work as single faced, surface-mounted time displays, but with the addition of a double mount pole, the clocks can connect with each other to form a double-sided, two-way adjustable, ceiling or wall clock display.

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Sapling Inc. has been a pioneer in synchronized timekeeping systems for over a decade. Sapling clocks can be found in schools, hospitals, transportation centers and corporations throughout the country and all over the world. We feature a complete line of analog and digital clock products for wired clock systems, IP clock systems and our patented synchronized wireless clock system. Our mission is to supply quality products backed by state-of-the-art technology and first-rate technical support. All of our clocks are engineered and assembled in the United States at our headquarters in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. With hundreds of dealers worldwide, wherever you are, Sapling's extensive network can offer local assistance and installation.


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