The Product of Maine

What do you think of when you think of Maine? Most people think of lobster. This humble crustacean has risen to the pinnacle of fine dining and the top of Maine’s industry. Last year Maine landed 105 million pounds of lobster, almost 80% of the national haul. The demand for lobster is not localized to Maine; diners demand the product from coast to coast. This leaves a daunting opportunity for distributers. The demand for lobster all over the country is present, but the issue is preserving the product in transit. This is where we come in. We have developed a FDA food bag that is rugged and vacuum sealable and is specially designed to handle the demands of lobsters, be it the tails or the claws. These bags are hearty enough to handle the hard shells of the best lobsters, the correctly sized tails with the hardest shells fetch a premium and are sold to restaurants. This means that when the bags are vacuum sealed and the product is frozen the bag has to stand up to the stiff shells that are pushed tightly into the packaging.

The lobster is very important to Maine. We are committed to our favorite delicacy and our local economy. We enjoy hearing success stories that others around the country get to enjoy a freshly delivered lobster, and we take pride in being a part of that. Additionally, the value of lobster is only the beginning of the value to Maine. For every dollar in wholesale price of the lobster an additional 3-5 dollars are generated for the dealers, processors, restaurants, stores, marinas, and bait suppliers.  We are happy to use our expertise to help our fishermen and these local industries contribute upwards of $1 billion to the economy of Maine. We are happy to use our expertise to contribute to your business as well.

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