The OYSTAR USA Process Division to Showcase a Variety of R&D and Full Production Equipment at Interphex 2009, Booth #1365

Fairfield, NJ - The Process Division of OYSTAR USA will be exhibiting a full line of solid dosage equipment at Booth #1365 at Interphex 2009 in the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on March 17 - 19, 2009. The OYSTAR USA Process Division will showcase OYSTAR Manesty Tablet Presses and Coaters and OYSTAR Hattlin Granulation and Fluid Bed Systems.

The OYSTAR USA Process Division will feature the following equipment at Interphex 2009:

o OYSTAR Manesty Xpress® 500 Tablet Press with AccuSpray(TM): The Xpress 500 has an exceptional output capacity for a single-sided tablet press, and provides compression solutions for a wide range of applications. The patented OYSTAR Manesty AccuSpray system, which is available for all Manesty Xpress tablet presses, accurately delivers a validatable amount of magnesium stearate, so less is used to coat and lubricate tablet surfaces. This results in cost savings for manufacturers and produces tablets that are of greater purity and higher quality than those containing larger amounts of magnesium stearate.

o OYSTAR Manesty FLEXITAB® is a fully automated, single station tablet press with a multi-layer tablet function, giving it the unique capacity to produce three-layer tablets. Its variable punch displacement and dwell time can be set to replicate any rotary press using compression forces up to 100kN.

o OYSTAR Manesty XSpress R&D Rotary Press provides R&D users with advanced instrumentation and data acquisition software to analyze compression force, ejection force and punch displacement. Utilizing an open feeder or a force feeder, the cGMP-compliant XSpress can process as little as 50g of powder for small quantity trials. It allows up to 10kN of pre- and 65kN of main compression.

o OYSTAR Hattlin Unilab Fluid Bed System: For drying, granulating, and coating/layering, the Unilab Fluid Bed System is a mobile system with an operator panel, designed to process batches from 0.2 to 6 kg, and features process air engineering and a control cabinet with built-in PLC for separate placement. With an exchangeable nozzle, Unilab offers unique disk jet air movement and bottom spray for both granulation and coating, for short process times, low spray loss and a high quality repeatable process.

o OYSTAR HAttlin Mycromix High-Shear Mixer Granulator System: With a 10 liter container volume, the Mycromix High-Shear Mixer Granulator System employs EKATO - Gentlewing® technology to ensure complete and thorough product mixing. Its innovative wing design scrapes the entire bowl and penetrates "dead zones" that other mixers might miss. High quality granulating is provided through controlled mixing and a large granulating surface and particle size can be determined by choosing specific process parameters. Designed to suit all applications, drying can be performed in the unit as a single pot or in a HAttlin fluid bed dryer.

o OYSTAR HAttlin Mycrolab: For pilot-scale batch sizes ranging from 0.05 to 1 kg, the Mycrolab is the smallest of OYSTAR HAttlin's laboratory devices, but works just like the large units. The process filters are cleaned by compressed air and filling can be done manually or by pneumatic suction. Optional data transfer to an external PC can display and record process data.

OYSTAR USA offers customers a complete support service hotline that can be reached easily by calling toll-free 888-868-9031.

The OYSTAR USA Process Division offers processing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry through OYSTAR Manesty Tablet Presses and Coaters and OYSTAR Hattlin Granulation and Fluid Bed Systems. In addition to the Process Division, OYSTAR USA is comprised of a Pharmaceutical Packaging Division and a Food Packaging Division. Germany-based OYSTAR is a group of companies dedicated to the processing and packaging needs of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, dairy, and food industries.

The OYSTAR USA Process Division is based in Fairfield, NJ. For more information please call 973-227-5575 or visit the web site at

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