The New Version of EMS SQL Manager for MySQL Released

SQL Manager for MySQL released

We are pleased to announce the new version of SQL Manager for MySQL - a high performance tool for MySQL database server administration and development.
You can download EMS SQL Manager for MySQL from the following link:

What's new in SQL Manager for MySQL 4.5?

The possibility to search in metadata is implemented.

Windows 7 support is added.

Procedure and Function Editors. Now when compiling a procedure, its privileges are automatically recreated.

Data Editor. Set to Now operation does not post data for newly created and edited records.

Procedure Editor.

Procedure parameter values weren't memorized upon procedure execution, if the procedure had a parameter of the BIGINT type. Fixed now.

Execution of a procedure with a BIGINT parameter resulted in an error, if the parameter value was more than 2147483648. Fixed now.

Export as SQL Script Wizard. The program ignored table DDL generation when exporting a SQL script to SQL Server. Fixed now.

Export Data Wizard. Exporting data to the ODF Spreadsheets format resulted in the 'Cannot create basic structure' error, if the program was running under Windows Vista 64. Fixed now.

Editing the SET field could sometimes reset the default value. Fixed now.

The default value of the "BIT (1) DEFAULT ''" fields was identified incorrectly. Fixed now.

Field Editor. The default value of the TIMESTAMP fields with the "on update current_timestamp" option enabled wasn't stored. Fixed now.

Other small fixes and improvements.

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