The Magic of the Cubitainer

The Cubitainer® is our all-purpose solution to packaging. Our customers had a lot of concerns, so we built something to handle all of them.

Sustainability – This is the word on the tip of everyone's tongue these days. So what makes the Cubitainer® one of the most sustainable packaging solutions on the market? First of all we use less plastic. Our 5 gallon bladder is made using ½ lb. of plastic in the form of low density polyethylene. A standard 5 gallon pail uses 3 lbs. of plastic. Less material has the added benefit of reducing costs as well. After all, ½ lb. of plastic costs less than 3 lbs. of plastic. Our Cubitainer® also utilizes corrugated cardboard, which is the most recycled material in the United States.

Shipping – When empty, the Cubitainer® is built for stackability. Compare it to a round pail: If you have a 53 ft. trailer, you can fit somewhere between 3,000 and 6,000 pails, and around 25,000 Cubitainers®. That means the difference between one truckload and five. Using less trucks means saving money and lowering carbon emissions, benefits you can achieve whether you're shipping empty or full Cubitainers, as we explain below.

Space – The space saving features of the Cubitainer® not only allow more to fit in a truck, but in a warehouse as well. We haven't met a customer yet that claims to have plenty of space in their facility. Using the Cubitainer® over a round pail you can store five times as much in the same space, or utilize a space 1/5 the size of what you were using. And when the Cubitainer® is filled, it still takes up a great deal less space. When multiple round pails are stored together as closely as possible, there are gaps of empty space. The cube shape of the Cubitainer® gets rid of those gaps, turning them instead into valuable storage.

Disposal – The ½ lb. of flexible plastic that comprises the Cubitainer® is much easier to dispose of than the 3 lbs. of rigid plastic that make up a 5 gallon pail. This means no more container overflow at your dumpster.

Customizable – The Cubitainer® is incredibly customizable. The standard cube shaped Cubitainer® is available in volumes ranging from 8 ounces to 5 gallons. We can also customize the shape of the Cubitainer® depending on the end use.

In our next blog we’ll look at some of the diverse applications of the Cubitainer®.

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