The Latest Imaging Innovation from the EMCCD Experts

Andor's LucaEM is the latest TE-cooled Electron Multiplying CCD innovation, a highly cost-effective yet powerful EMCCD camera for every laboratory. LucaEM represents a new performance standard in 'workhorse' cameras. Operate 'gain off' for conventional CCD operation under brighter conditions - turn on the EM gain when the photons become scarce! Under such conditions the LucaEM compares very favorably against common interline technology.

Product Highlights
  • Most cost effective EMCCD camera on the market
  • Single photon sensitivity and unrestrained QE
  • USB 2.0 - no PCI card, no controller box, it's that simple!
  • Application Flexibility - imaging of bright and weak signals
  • High resolution - megapixel sensor now available
  • Rapid frame rates - image dynamic events at high S/N
  • Quantitative - including unique technology innovations
  • Compact - Extreme-compact OEM version available

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