The Importance of Measuring Light Intensity and Color for LEDs.

SPECTRAL EVOLUTION's PSR-3500 spectroradiometer with DARWin SP Data Acquisition software, allows you to measure light intensity and colorimetry.

Lawrence, MA – LEDs are popular for a range of lighting applications from lights on machinery consoles, to emergency lighting, headlights on cars, and runway lights at airports. LEDs can provide brighter, longer lasting lights with more reliability and an overall lower cost. The PSR-3500 spectroradiometer from SPECTRAL EVOLUTION provides the functionality required for rigorous testing of LED brightness and chromaticity.

Like all SPECTRAL EVOLUTION spectroradiometers, the PSR-3500 is lightweight, field portable, compact, fast, and easy to use, while covering the spectral range from 350-2500nm. Fast operation is enabled by autoshutter, autoexposure, and auto-dark correction before each new scan, without requiring an optimization step. Equipped with DARWin SP Data Acquisition software, SPECTRAL EVOLUTION spectroradiometers also provide built-in colorimetry capabilities:

• CIE 1931 chromaticity diagram with sRGB gamut

• Scan result displayed graphically with cross-hair overlay

• Text display of x, y, XYZ, and RGB coordinates and correlated color temperature

The ability to quickly and easily test for  brightness and chromaticity allows for rapid screening of LEDs before use and offers a method for gauging color shift over projected lifecycle use in applications where color and hue are critical, such as runway lights. Since LEDs tend to shift color over time, measuring color stability can be key in many applications. With DARWin SP the designer can also compare the brightness of LEDs versus halogen or incandescent alternatives early in the design process.

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Established in 2004, SPECTRAL EVOLUTION is a leading manufacturer of laboratory and handheld portable spectrometers, spectroradiometers and spectrophotometers.  SPECTRAL EVOLUTION spectrometers are used worldwide for many mission-critical lab and field applications in mining, remote sensing, vegetative studies, ground truthing, environmental and climate studies, developing satellite calibrations, and more, due to their reliable, robust, rugged design and user-friendly one-touch features. 

SPECTRAL EVOLUTION maintains a facility in Lawrence, Massachusetts which houses design, prototyping, manufacturing and service facilities for the instruments that it markets and sells worldwide, either through direct sales, OEM sales or through distributor agents.

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