The Houstonian Club & Spa - Upscale Recycling Receptacles

Highland Park, IL - The Houstonian Club & Spa made a commitment to sustainability 3 years ago with a comprehensive program addressing energy conservation, purchasing sustainable products, and waste reduction.

Cher Harris, Club Assistant General Manager for the Houstonian Club & Spa, noted that the 14,000 members and 2000 visits a day created challenges in diverting waste from the land fill. A survey among its members demonstrated a strong interest in recycling.

The Houstonian is well known for its elegance and style sense and they were not about to add "blue plastic" recycling bins to their lobbies and other public spaces.
They therefore ordered the upscale Tao series recycling receptacles from T2 Site Amenities. Stated Lori Tilkin, President of T2, " The interior design varies on the property so the Houstonian, required a product that with easily adaptable looks. The Tao series worked out great for them based on the large variety of wood and laminate panel options."

Cher Harris had determined that many club members were unclear what would be recyclable. Deciding to take recycling to the next level, the Houstonian created custom signage over each recycling bin opening. This signage spells out what should and should not be recycled. For instance, for the Paper opening signage stated that newspapers, magazines, office paper, coffee cup sleeves and any paper product that did not have food on it would be acceptable. But plastic coated paper, tissues, and any soiled paper products would not be acceptable.

Cher and her team also customized recycling signage for Plastic , Aluminum and Compost recycling..

Altogether, the Houstonian purchased 13 Tao recycling units, the majority with 3 openings (including one for trash). These recyclers were placed within 15 feet of major traffic areas.

To further reduce the waste streams, the Houstonian:

· Replaced all Styrofoam cups with biodegradable corn product cups.

· Provided all employees with a polycarbonate water bottle to help reduce the number of cups made of other materials.

· Use rechargeable batteries in the equipment.

· Purchase mostly compostable or recyclable consumer items.

· Refrain from printing unnecessary copies of documents. When printing is required, they then use double-sided pages for large paper copying and distribution.

· Confirm all appointments with clients via email instead of paper reminders.

· Provide digital distribution of daily reports

· Recycle paper goods in nearly all departments..

· Donate equipment to other organizations or to scrap metal locations to be melted down and reused.

The Houstonian has noted an "uptick" in "green meetings" since their recycling and other sustainability programs were implemented. Stated Harris, "Recycling is good for the environment and good business. Plus, our employees are proud to be part of this success in sustainability."

For additional information about upscale recycling bins, contact T2 Site Amenities - or

For additional information about the Houstonians sustainability efforts contact Cher Harris -

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