The Halogen Bulbs Phase-out. The Impact of Halogen Bulbs Being Regulated

You've likely heard about Federal regulations that have phased out the manufacture of incandescent bulbs. What you may not know is that halogen bulbs are also being regulated.

The Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) phased in changes beginning in 2007 that required bulbs to be more energy efficient. Part of this act stated that any parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR) or reflector bulb that generates 40 watts or more cannot be manufactured in the U.S. That affected traditional halogen bulbs such as PAR38, PAR30 (short- and long-necked), BR30, BR40, and R20.

Consumers loved their halogens, and manufacturers listened. Now you have a whole host of newer generation PAR bulbs that meet the regulations. Consider some of the benefits of using halogens:

  • They are dimmable to 0% - a great feature for hospitality uses and dining rooms.

  • They're mercury-free and need no special disposal.

  • Unlike CFLs, they're "instant-on" – no warm-up time to come to full light.

  • Their color is extremely accurate according to the Color Rendering Index (CRI), which measures

  • how well electric lights deliver color.

  • They can be used indoors or out if not directly exposed to the elements.

  • They are 41% more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs.

  • Their upfront costs are about half those of LEDs.

About those shapes

The shapes of halogen bulbs are defined as A, B, G, R, and BR. Although it's easiest to just check the halogen you're replacing to find the right fit, you can't do that if you're replacing incandescents. At Bulb Direct, we can help you sort out the confusion over halogen bulbs so you get the right bulb for the right application. At Bulb Direct, we provide our customers with exceptional service, offering brand-name products, competitive pricing and prompt delivery.  All products carry a 100% guarantee. Here are a few clues about halogen bulb shapes:

  • "A" bulbs offer omni-directional lighting. Osram Sylvania offers these in single (1000 hours),

  • double (2000 hours), and triple (3000 hours) styles.

  • "BR" bulbs are reflective and provide directional lighting.

  • "B" and "G" bulbs are typically used for decorative purposes.

At Bulb Direct, we understand that the world of lighting can be confusing! We're happy to help. Just contact one of our experienced service representatives at 1-800-772-5267. 

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