The Forklevator; Still Your Best Bet in Forklift Maintenance in 2016

The Forklevator four post forklift service lift allows preventive maintenance programs and service work to be completed with an unobstructed view of the undercarriage.

This design revolutionized onsite forklift maintenance with some customer’s claiming time savings of up to 40% in contrast to using manual jacking or overhead cranes for onsite underside forkllift servicing. Built for the express purpose of servicing forklifts at capacities from 10,000 to 18,000 lbs, the Forklevator has always been a leader in its field introducing automatically self-locking screws, an electrically monitored back-up safety nut system, maximum travel limit switches, and safety touch bars into the industry.

A safer and more efficient working environment has always been the cornerstone to Handling Specialty’s design engineering whether with a standard offering like the Forklevator, or any number of custom builds which make up the majority of Handling Specialty’s diverse and massive breadth of experience.

The Forklevator comes with an industry leading five year structural warranty.

For more on the quickly installed and easily relocated Forklevator Four Post Mechanical Service Lift. Please visit our website and download the recently redesigned brochure for 2016.

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