The Fluorescence Technique Utilized by ARJAY ENGINEERING LTD Equipment for Detection of Oil In-Water

The fluorescence technique utilized by ARJAY ENGINEERING LTD equipment for detection of oil in-water is such a potent and widely-used scientific method that there is a special conference dedicated to it!

The 14th Conference on Methods and Applications in Fluorescence (MAF-14)  held in Würzburg, Germany, was intended to reflect the enormous progress that had been made in fluorescence which is one of the most powerful spectroscopic methods. Topics covered included new developments in (lifetime) spectroscopy, imaging (including super-resolution microscopy), new fluorescent probes, and live-cell fluorescence imaging applications, but also in nanomaterials (including beads and thin films), optoelectronic components, in data acquisition and processing.

The forum reflects the multidisciplinarity of fluorescence, and it bring together contributors, attendants and exhibitors from areas including physics, chemistry, (bio)analytical sciences, biology, medicine, pharmacy (including high-throughput screening), materials sciences, and opto-electronics.

If you have any questions about fluorescence, and the techniques that Arjay Engineering uses, feel free to contact us! We’re happy to help. Contact us at, or 1-800-387-9487. The next conference will be in 2017 – location and date to be determined.

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