TGW-ERMANCO WAVE(TM) Diverter Receives Patent

April 21, 2009

A patent has been awarded for TGW-ERMANCO'S WAVE Diverter. The WAVE Diverter greatly reduces the required gap between cartons; facilitating high throughput rates using narrow belt sortation, and eliminating the need for costly shoe sorters in the 100-200 cpm sortation range. In WAVE technology, each row of pop-up wheels operates independently, rising as the front edge of the carton approaches, and dropping as the back edge of the carton passes over it.

The WAVE Diverter is a component of TGW-ERMANCO'S NBS® TURBO® Sortation System. The controls and technologies which make up the TURBO System work together to provide optimum performance and the best value in the 100-200 cpm sortation range.

TURBO System features include:

o WAVE(TM) Diverter - uses patented WAVE technology to divert at high rates
o TURBO Induction - manages gap rapidly with each belt powered by its own VFD
o WAVE Aligner - positions cartons for "two-way" diverting while maintaining gap and rate
o COMMANDER(TM) System Controls - operates the TURBO System with ideal efficiency and precision

Integrated Material Handling Solutions

o DC Design and Operational Assessment
o System Integration
o Ongoing Support and Training
o Equipment Controls
o Visualization Systems
o Warehouse Control Systems
o Carton, Tote, and Unit Load Conveyor Systems
o Automated Order-Fulfillment Systems
o Sortation Systems
o Pick Modules
o Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems for Mini- and Unit Loads


Dave VandeKopple
Director - New Business Development and Marketing

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