TFT LCD Color Display includes built-in timing (T-CON) IC.

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With 5.7 in. diagonal viewing area, Model PD057VT1 digital active matrix TFT panel p/n allows users to display content of lower resolution on higher native resolution of LCD (VGA format of 640 x 480 pixels). It features 262,144 colors, operating temperature range of -30 to +70°C, storage temperature of -40 to +80°C, stripe pixel configuration, built-in white LED backlight, and TTL interface. Module size is 144.0 x 104.6 x 13.0 mm, while viewing area is 118.4 x 89.6 mm.

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New 5.7 Inch Digital Color TFT LCD of Full VGA Res. PD057VT1

Aliso Viejo, California - AZ Displays, Inc., announces availability of a new 5.7" digital active matrix TFT panel p/n PD057VT1. Commonly 5.7" color TFT displays are offered by LCD manufacturers in QVGA (320x240) resolution to mimic the same number of dots from popular monochrome displays. Apart from its competition, AZ Displays targets the demand for a higher-end LCD version compatible with computer screen formats by offering PD057VT1 display in full VGA / Video Graphics Array (640x480 dot) resolution.


o Digital active matrix TFT panel

o 5.7" diagonal viewing area

o 640xRGBx480 (VGA) pixel resolution

o "Stripe" pixel configuration

o Module Size 144.0 (W) x 104.6 (H) x 13.0 (T) mm

o Viewing Area 118.4 (W) x 89.6 (H) mm

o Operating temperature -30 C to +70 C, storage temperature -40 C to +80 C

o Built-in T-CON timing chip

o Built-in White LED backlight

o TTL interface

o 262,144 colors

PD057VT1 features a built-in timing (T-CON) IC. It allows a user to display content of a lower resolution (for example, QVGA / 320 x 240 pixels) on the higher native resolution of this LCD (VGA format of 640 x 480 pixels). This function minimizes image distortion when scaling from one dot matrix resolution to another.

PD057VT1 boasts excellent viewing characteristics. The display's high brightness of 500 cd/m² (typ) is generated by a LED backlight comprised of total 36 lamps. A special EWV ("enhanced wide viewing" angle) film found on the surface of this panel supports a viewing cone of 160 degrees in horizontal direction and 120 degrees in vertical axis.

PD057VT1 can be used for a variety of medical applications, industrial controls, GPS devices based on single-board computers, table-top instrumentation, etc.

Full product specifications of PD057VT1 can be found on our web site PD057VT1.

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