TFT Color LCD Modules are 2.6 mm thick.

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Suited for mobile industrial products, 2.7 in. quarter video graphic array amorphous silicon TFT color LCD modules come with integrated features such as timing controller and DC/DC converter. Model NL2432HC17-07A module offers luminance of 550 cd/m² and contrast ratio of 400:1, while transflective QVGA NL2432HC17-04A module features contrast ratio of 150:1 and luminance of 140 cd/m². Transmissive NL2432HC17-05B module has luminance of 350 cd/m² and contrast ratio of 400:1.

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NEC Electronics America Enhances Industrial Mobile TFT LCD Lineup with Three New 2.7-Inch Offerings

High-Luminance Modules Optimized for Compact Systems

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 30 -- NEC Electronics America, Inc. today announced the expansion of its portfolio of thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) modules for mobile applications with the introduction of three new 2.7-inch (6.8-centimeters-diagonal) quarter video graphic array (QVGA) amorphous silicon, TFT color LCD modules. The new NL2432HC17-07A module offers high luminance of 550 candelas per square meter (cd/m2) and a high contrast ratio of 400:1 making the module suitable for many handheld applications. LCD module developer and manufacturer, NEC LCD Technologies, has optimized the module design to achieve a slim profile of 2.6 millimeters (mm) thick, breaking the 3 mm barrier. With integrated features such as a timing controller and DC/DC converter, the new module benefits system manufacturers by reducing their development costs and time to market.

NEC Electronics America is also introducing two additional color 2.7-inch LCD modules. The transflective QVGA NL2432HC17-04A module features NEC LCD Technologies' super-reflective natural light technology (SR-NLT), high reflectivity of 35 percent, a contrast ratio of 150:1 and luminance of 140 cd/m2. The transmissive NL2432HC17-05B module has QVGA resolution, high luminance of 350 cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of 400:1. All three of the new products are part of NEC Electronics America's growing portfolio of small- sized LCD modules designed to display information clearly in a variety of mobile industrial products, such as handheld bar code scanners and handheld ordering terminals.

"LCD modules used for industrial-type mobile applications must meet very specific design constraints and provide the high levels of brightness and contrast required to clearly display information and facilitate easy reading in multiple ambient light environments," said Dr. Shigehiko Satoh, associate vice president and general manager, displays strategic business unit, NEC Electronics America. "Our new small-sized LCD modules address these market demands with high luminance levels and contrast ratios, optimized designs and advanced features that contribute to significantly reduced form factors in portable devices."

Two of the three new 2.7-inch modules (the NL2432HC17-07A and NL2432HC17- 04A) will be on display at Society for Information Display (SID) Symposium 2007 in Long Beach, California in NEC Electronics America's booth #1234, along with several other display modules for mobile applications, including a prototype for a 3.5-inch display module with ultra-advanced, super-fine TFT (UA-SFT) VGA resolution and a 4.3-inch LCD module with wide QVGA (WQVGA) resolution that incorporates both super-advanced SFT (SA-SFT) technology and SR-NLT technology.


Samples of the NL2432HC17-07A LCD module are available now. The NL2432HC17-04A and NL2432HC17-05B display modules are scheduled to begin shipping in May. For pricing, customers can contact NEC Electronics America at 1-800-366-9782. Pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.

Model number
(resolution) NL2432HC17-07A (QVGA) NL2432HC17-04A (QVGA) NL2432HC17-05B
Size (diagonal
measurement) 2.7 inches (6.8 cm) 2.7 inches (6.8 cm) 2.7 inches (6.8
Reflectivity N/A 35% N/A
Luminance 550 cd/m2 140 cd/m2 350 cd/m2
(transmissive mode)
ratio 400:1 (typ.) 150:1 (typ.) 400:1 (typ.)
angle Vertical: 60/30 Vertical: 30/35 Vertical: 60/30
Horizontal: 50/50 Horizontal: 30/30 Horizontal:
(contrast ratio at (contrast ratio at 50/50
over 5:1) over 5:1) (contrast
ratio at
over 5:1)
Response time 23 ms (typ.) 30 ms (typ.) 23 ms (typ.)
temperature -20 to +70 degrees -20 to +70 degrees -20 to +60
Celsius Celsius degrees
availability Now Now Now

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With an extensive lineup of 2.7- to 23.0-inch AM-LCD panels and a network of distributors and value-added partners (VAPs), NEC Electronics America provides complete display module solutions from NEC LCD Technologies to the industrial and high-end monitor market. In addition to modules based on NEC LCD Technologies' super-fine technology (SFT) for ultra-wide viewing, NEC Electronics America also offers LCD modules that include ultra-high resolutions, wide temperature ranges, high contrast ratios, rich color gamuts, backward compatibility and transflective viewing for use in diverse lighting environments. More information about NEC Electronics America's display products can be found at .

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NEC Electronics America, Inc., headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Electronics Corporation , a leading provider of semiconductor products encompassing advanced technology solutions for the broadband and communications markets; system solutions for the mobile, PC, automotive and digital consumer markets; and multi-market solutions for a wide range of customer applications. NEC Electronics America offers local manufacturing in Roseville, California, and the global manufacturing capabilities of its parent company. In the Americas, NEC Electronics America markets and sells industrial-type, active-matrix LCD modules from NEC LCD Technologies, Ltd., a global leader in innovative display technologies. More information about the products offered by NEC Electronics America can be found at .

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