Textile Enhancers impart fabric softness and fullness.

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Delivering softening permanency, hydrophilic Magnasoft Derma NT imbues durability to textiles under stresses imposed by laundering process by coating fiber surface and penetrating into its interior. It imparts voluminous, silky hand and exhibits emulsion stability. Stable under alkaline conditions up to 14 pH and temperatures up to 100°C, self-emulsifying Magnasoft JSS delivers softness, fullness, and hydrophilicity to cellulose-based fabrics. It can be diluted in water.

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Magnasoft* Textile Enhancers from GE's Advanced Materials Business Provide Excellent Fabric Softness, Fullness & Performance

WILTON, CONN. - Feb. 9, 2006 - The textile market is rapidly diversifying; new fibers, application areas, and niches are placing increased demands on fabric production, and particularly on finishing chemicals that are adaptable to new requirements. To assist manufacturers, GE's latest Silicones offerings include two new textile enhancers that are easily formulated, highly stable, and provide excellent performance. Magnasoft* Derma NT and Magnasoft JSS enhancers are based on GE's patented linear block-copolymer technology platform. Magnasoft Derma NT textile enhancer enables lower use levels than competing products, and maintains its performance through a number of home laundry cycles. Magnasoft JSS textile enhancer is an excellent candidate for demanding process conditions, providing excellent alkaline and high-temperature stability. Both products offer good hydrophilic performance, improved water absorbency, and they also impart a silky and full hand.

"GE's silicones technology enables these two new products, together with our Magnasoft SRS textile enhancer, to provide textile manufacturers with a wide range of high-performance solutions for a variety of fabric types and application processes," said Dr. Christopher Roos, regional marketing leader, GE - Advanced Materials, Silicones. "With their robustness and stability under harsh processing conditions, these enhancers make fabric processing easier. And their luxurious feel, even after laundering, provides a competitive distinction valued by consumers."

The New York-based division of the Japanese trading company, N I Teijin Shoji USA Inc., selected GE's Magnasoft JSS textile enhancer for its Julia Jennings Collection of luxury linens. Renowned for their silky soft feel, these sheets, comforters, and other products appeal to the high-end market for bedding. N I Teijin Shoji has been pleased consistently with the performance of the Magnasoft JSS product.

Magnasoft Derma NT Textile Enhancer

Magnasoft Derma NT textile enhancer excels in providing permanency of softening. Compared with standard hydrophobic and hydrophilic amino-based softeners, Magnasoft Derma NT textile enhancer provides superior durability to textiles under the stresses imposed by the laundering process. Magnasoft Derma NT textile enhancer coats the fiber surface and penetrates deeply into its interior, to enhance the fabric's performance. An excellent candidate for a wide range of natural fabrics - cotton and poly-cotton wovens and knits - Magnasoft Derma NT enhancer imparts a voluminous, silky hand at lower usage levels than other amino softeners. Its outstanding emulsion stability makes this product a great material of choice for exhaust applications. It can also be applied using padding, jet flow, overflow, and winch processes.

Magnasoft JSS Enhancer

Magnasoft JSS enhancer is a unique product that is extremely stable under alkaline conditions (up to 14 pH) and high temperatures (up to 100 C) that would cause conventional amino silicone softeners to separate and spot. Magnasoft JSS enhancer delivers excellent softness, fullness, and hydrophilicity to cellulose-based fabrics, such as cotton, lyocell fiber-based fabric, and viscose rayon. It does not cause silicone spotting and gum-up during processing, even if applied in difficult finishing conditions. Magnasoft JSS enhancer will not cause fabric yellowing or discoloration. The ready-to-use concentrate is self-emulsifying and can be diluted in water. It may be used in jet flow, overflow, winch, and padding applications.

Both products are available globally. For more information, please call +1 800-295-2392 or +1 607-786-8131, or visit www.gesilicones.com.

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