Text Message Displays include 24 K unit memory.

Press Release Summary:

HG1X Series text message displays includes 2 models: HG1X-252 with 16-character, 2-line backlit LCD and 6 function keys; and HG1X-452 with 20-character, 4-line backlit LCD with 8 function keys and numeric keypad. Compatible with PLCs, they draw power from communications ports and have serial ports for printing screens and alarms. Each function key is user-definable; multiple actions can be assigned to 1 keystroke, and each key accommodates 3 actions.

Original Press Release:

Get The Message with HG1X Series

New displays join IDEC's family of operator interfaces

Sunnyvale - IDEC Corporation, worldwide manufacturer of control
automation devices and a leader in human-machine interface technology, is pleased to announce the November release of the new HG1X Series of text message displays.

There are two models available, the HG1X-252 with a 16-character,
2-line backlit LCD and six function keys, and the HG1X-452 with a
20-character, 4-line backlit LCD with eight function keys and a numeric keypad. These interfaces are compatible with all IDEC PLCs (as well as several other PLCs from other manufacturers), including the new MicroSmart series. They draw power from the PLC communications port so no external power supply is necessary, and have a serial port for printing screens and alarms.

Each of the function keys is user-definable for coil operations, register operations, screen operations, or alarm operations. Multiple actions can be assigned to a single keystroke, and each key accommodates three actions (when the key is pressed, while the key is pressed, and while the key is released). In addition, keys can have different functions within different active screens and can be password protected.

Because the functions are entirely user-defined, the HG1X Series
displays are adaptable to many kinds of applications, and interface well with PLCs that lack integrated displays. The HG1X-452, with its numeric keypad, is ideal for applications requiring frequent data entry into PLC registers.

The bright, backlit LCD screen can display data, alarms, errors, and data entry objects in several formats, from simple text to integer, unsigned integer, long integer, or float. Some data can be displayed as a bar graph. The user can define as many screens as the 24K unit memory allows, and up to 256 alarms in the PLC.

The HG1X Series is programmable with WindMSG, a Windows-based
software available from IDEC, and a PC programming cable. Cables are also available to connect an HG1X unit to the RS232 port on IDEC PLCs, or the RS485 port on IDEC Micro3 PLCs. The entire HG family of operator interfaces has UL/CSA approvals for hazardous location usage, and also bears the CE mark for European compliance.

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