Tests Prove Geist Power Distribution Units' Accuracy

Independent US and International Testing Shows Accuracy within One Percent

LINCOLN, NE - The outlet power monitoring line of power distribution units (PDUs) from Geist passed a rigorous battery of independent US and international accuracy testing, showing that the Geist PDU line is within one percent accuracy of power readings recorded by their products at the outlet level, and measures within one percent of the voltage, frequency and temperature reading.

The testing was completed by the two industry standards for metering, the International Accuracy Requirements IEC 62053-21 (Class 1) and the US ANSI C12.1 Accuracy Requirements (Class A).

Geist is one of the few PDU manufacturers to validate the accuracy of their power monitoring units through independent testing.

“Achieving these requirements clearly demonstrates our attention to providing the highest quality products in today’s market,” says Brad Wilson, Executive Vice President, Geist.

“Many of our competitors claim one percent accuracy under their own conditions, but we have proven that our products are truly accurate to within one percent, even in the varied real-world conditions prescribed by industry standards. While we aren’t surprised that our products passed these rigorous tests, we are pleased to gain third party validation of the quality of our metering.”

This degree of accuracy allows data center managers to reconcile their power usage at a very detailed level and pinpoint inefficiencies in the equipment throughout the data center.

Gordon Hutchison, Vice President, International Operations for Geist explains, “This is an excellent tool to validate records with the facility electricity bill to accurately determine where power is being used outside of the data center rack equipment. Plus, COLO customers can track specific power usage more easily.”


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