Testing Program delivers assemble-to-order technology.

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QuickStart Program provides analysis and real-time functional testing of ICED*CAD software using manufacturers' own product data and configuration process. It includes necessary conversions of CAD data from 2D to 3D, and results are known within 6 weeks of installation. Time allows manufacturer to begin testing process internally and externally, prove concept within organization, and build metrics for ROI calculations.

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ICED*CAD Announces Quickstart Program

Effort Delivers Assemble-to-order Technology To Wider Manufacturing Audience

ROYAL OAK, Mich., January 29, 2004 - ICED*CAD, the multiple-award-winning software product developed by QSSolutions - Engineered Systems Group for manufacturers that allows their customers and distributors to instantly configure complex assemblies, today announced its QuickStart Program. The program, which will be offered to seven "best fit" companies, provides comprehensive analysis and real-time functional testing of the ICED*CAD software using the manufacturers' own product data and configuration process.

ICED*CAD introduced its patent-pending software in 2003. The technology has already won the "Show Stopper" Award at the National Design and Engineering Show and the CADwire.net "Innovator" award presented at COFES2003. It changes the competitive landscape for manufacturers with complex engineered assemblies. ICED*CAD customer Sun Hydraulics, for example, is a manufacturer of hydraulic valve systems with millions of potential configurations to meet its customers' needs.

ICED*CAD permits Sun's salespeople, distributors, and customers configure their own engineered solutions and then automatically generate the information needed for product assembly and support. Savings are generated at every level from proposal generation to the factory floor and field support. More importantly, the software helps companies with custom-designed assemblies increase revenues and market share.

"ICED*CAD technology has now reached a level where relatively little custom development is needed for companies that already have implemented CAD and MRP systems," said Tom Kelly, president, QSSolutions - Engineered Systems Group, LLC. "ICED*CAD can use this existing information to generate a new level of profit and customer response."

The QuickStart program is a cost-effective and swift solution for manufacturers who wish to test this pioneering technology with minimal risk. It also includes any necessary conversion of CAD data (from 2D to 3D). Results are known within 6 weeks of install. This time allows the manufacturer to begin testing the process both internally and externally, prove the concept within the organization, and to build metrics for ROI calculations.

QuickStart enables companies to prove the benefits of creating 3D assemblies "on-the-fly" without requiring a designer or engineer to recreate the data for each order. ICED*CAD immediately and dynamically creates the correct 3D assembly, 2D cross-sections, complex pricing, and related manufacturing information which is then delivered to the customer, shop floor, supplier or interested party via web browser.

The ICED*CAD technology has the highest paybacks for manufacturers who offer their customers several thousand or more potential product configurations. For a quick analysis to see if the technology is a potential good fit for your company, please contact Tom Kelly at 248-544-1001, or tom@qss-esg.com.

About QSSolutions - Engineered Systems Group, LLC

ICED*CAD was developed by QSSolutions - Engineered Systems Group LLC. Founded in 1996, QSSolutions - Engineered Systems Group, LLC, specializes in technology consulting and integration, bringing significant experience in industrial and business-to-business markets. ICED*CAD automatically creates 2D and 3D drawings of assemblies based on bills of materials and parts lists, and communicates the right product design data, to the right people, throughout the enterprise to enable rapid manufacturing and fulfillment of customer orders.

For additional information about QSSolutions' products and services, please visit www.icedcad.com.

Iced*CAD is a trademark of QSSolutions - Engineered Systems Group LLC. All other products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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