Tester performs static body air leakage tests on vehicles.

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Portable, self-contained vehicle Body Leakage Tester can determine rate of air leakage into and out of cabin under pressure and vacuum conditions, and can also test body components such as doors and windows with use of custom adapters. It employs variable-speed motor attached to blower to introduce cabin pressure and measures rate of flow using mass air flow sensor. Calibrated against NIST-traceable, primary standard air flow calibrator, unit comes with calibration check ring.

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Flow Dynamics Introduces Vehicle Body Leakage Tester

Portable, self-contained system tests for air leakage into or out of vehicle cabin SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., June 15, 2009 - Flow Dynamics, Inc. a leading global provider of primary standard, NIST-traceable flow calibration equipment and services, has introduced a vehicle Body Leakage Tester (BLT). Designed to perform static body air leakage tests on vehicles in assembly plants, this portable, self-contained unit enables automobile manufacturers to test their vehicle designs in accordance with recognized industry standards. The Body Leakage Tester can determine the rate of air leakage into and out of the cabin under both pressure and vacuum conditions. Additionally, it can be used to test body components such as doors and windows with the use of custom adapters. The BLT system employs a variable-speed motor attached to a blower to introduce cabin pressure. The rate of flow is measured using a mass air flow sensor and displayed in Standard Cubic Feet per Minute (SCFM). Airflow is directed into the vehicle body via a flexible hose attached to a window adapter, and a pressure averaging wand is placed inside the vehicle cabin and connected to a differential pressure transducer. The differential pressure gage measures the difference in pressure between the vehicle cabin and the ambient environment. The leak rate is determined by increasing the cabin air flow to reach a desired differential pressure. The lower the flow rate the better the seal, and inversely, the higher the flow rate the greater the leakage. All BLT units are calibrated against an NIST-traceable, primary standard air flow calibrator. This calibration data is programmed into the flow computer to provide linearization and scaled output to the displays. A calibration check ring is provided to periodically verify the accuracy of the tester. Flow Dynamics also manufactures primary standard calibrators and maintains an elite calibration laboratory to calibrate all types of flowmeters. The company's calibration facility is NVLAP accredited, meeting the highest standards for the metrology industry as established by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). For more information, please visit cts.vresp.com/c/?CoxInstruments/5f85c4aaa3/9c803bb082/20a2c07793, e-mail sales@flow-dynamics.com, or call (480) 948-3789. About Flow Dynamics Located in Scottsdale, Arizona USA, Flow Dynamics' 32,000 square foot facility was specially designed to accommodate high flow capacity calibration equipment. Having a large 100 cubic-foot Primary Standard Bell Prover, with a 1,500 SCFM capacity, makes FDI unique in its gas calibration capability. FDI also owns and operates a 1,250 GPM Primary Standard Positive Displacement Liquid Calibrator to accommodate large meters. The company's calibrators provide ranges from 0.001 to 1500 SCFM in air with the ability to run a variety of gases up to 300 SCFM and use correlation/simulation for more hazardous gases up to 1500 SCFM. Additionally, it provides secondary sonic nozzle banks, which deliver up to 3,000 SCFM. Liquid calibrations range from 0.0025 to 1,250 GPM in hydrocarbon blends. With 17 different primary standard liquid and gas displacement flow calibrators, Flow Dynamics can calibrate a wide variety of fluids and flow ranges. No other calibration facility offers a more complete calibration solution for today's flowmeter user. Learn more at cts.vresp.com/c/?CoxInstruments/5f85c4aaa3/9c803bb082/0c505fe320. Flow Dynamics 15555 North 79th Place Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 Contact: Mike McCoy Application Engineer Flow Dynamics (480) 948-3789, Ext. 14 mmccoy@flow-dynamics.com

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