Test System for COM Express Modules

Munich – Yamaichi Electronics presents a new test system for COM Express modules developed in the European Design Centre.

The test system for COM Express modules is distinguished for the following features:

• Full functional testing of the modules on the conventional main board level

• Reliable contact between the module and probe pins

• Robust construction of the test system

In many production facilities the regular main board is used for testing of COM Express modules. The modules are plugged into the usual COM Express connectors. Due to the limited number of mating cycles of the COM Express connectors, the main boards have to be replaced after 30 to 40 test cycles. The replacement of the 220 pin connector with a pitch of 0.5 mm is considered as very difficult and unreliable.

This is where the Yamaichi Electronics test system comes in. The connection between the main board and the module is realised with probe pins. Depending on the configuration and the module type, this contact unit can consist of up to 440 probe pins. Instead of the COM Express connectors our contact unit with probe pins is mounted onto the main by using the existing mounting holes for the module.

The actuation mechanism is designed to generate a homogenous distribution of force on the module without damaging the components there.

The test system is mounted on a solid base plate. Due to its robust construction, the test system can be used either in laboratory or production environment for functional testing or quality control of typical or customer-specific COM Express modules.

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