Test System assesses UMTS devices.

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Designed for Spirent 8100 Test System, UMTS Call Reliability Module provides accurate emulation of real 3G network conditions. Module uses KPIs such as call drop rate, call setup failure rate during mobility, and Inter-RAT handover scenarios to help operators make correct device choices. Automated collection and analysis of call data yields key metrics that can impact end-user experience, helping to ensure subscriber satisfaction.

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Mobile Device Test System Helps Operators Assess Reliability and Performance of UMTS Devices

Spirent 8100 Test System is Industry's First Solution to Focus on UMTS Call Reliability Performance

SUNNYVALE, California, February 6/ --In response to the ongoing and critical issue of high mobile device return rates, resulting from subscribers' limited tolerance of problems such as incomplete or dropped calls, interrupted data downloads and device lock-ups, Spirent Communications plc (LSE: SPT), has introduced a new UMTS Call Reliability Module for its 8100 Mobile Device Test System. Spirent, an enabler of next generation networks and services, is the first company in the industry to provide mobile operators with comprehensive call reliability performance testing capability for UMTS devices under real-world conditions.

While the majority of commercially-available mobile devices are certified using established standards-based conformance tests, operators' experience of call performance issues suggest that these tests alone are no longer sufficient. The sheer complexity of current 3G network specifications and applications renders conformance testing as an unreliable predictor of how well a mobile device will perform under the full range of network conditions. Furthermore, conformance testing does not focus on key performance indicators (KPIs) that impact the quality of user experience.

"To ensure high subscriber satisfaction levels and reduce device return costs, network operators are increasingly keen to anticipate call reliability issues before mobile devices are commercially deployed," said Hesham ElHamahmy, senior director of business development at Spirent. "The traditional approach of extensive field trials is time-consuming and expensive. Spirent's 8100 UMTS Call Reliability module is the first solution to focus on identification and diagnosis of these key performance issues.
Using the Spirent 8100 test system, real-world mobile behaviour under a wide range of handover and cell selection/reselection scenarios can now be established in the lab."

With accurate and repeatable emulation of real 3G network conditions, Spirent's new 8100 UMTS Call Reliability module helps capture the actual end-user experience. Developed with input from leading operators, it uses KPIs such as call drop rate, call setup failure rate during mobility and Inter-RAT (Radio Access Technology) handover scenarios to help operators make better device choices. These KPIs can be used to help reduce poor subscriber experiences, to save on costs associated with device returns and to control churn. The Spirent 8100 test system can also effectively benchmark device performance before commercial deployment. The system's automated collection and analysis of call data yield key metrics that can impact the end-user experience, helping to ensure device performance and subscriber satisfaction.

Built on more than a decade of Spirent experience in test automation and system integration experience, the Spirent 8100 test system is an open, scalable, multi-purpose test system which addresses a range of high-value mobile device test needs such as data throughput, location and call reliability. It makes use of proven Spirent components, including an SR3420 multi-cell, multi-RAT, multi-RAB (Radio Access Bearer) Network Emulator with network-grade protocol stacks and a market-leading SR5500 Wireless Channel Emulator to emulate real-world channel conditions.

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