Test Software simplifies ATE applications.

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ATEasy v4.0 test development software and test executive provides all necessary tools to develop and execute any test application in test and measurement applications. Enhancements include framework that helps users create re-usable components modeled after real-world test systems; support for Microsoft's COM, DLL and DDE; simplified test application development process; and modular structure that allows engineers to partition and organize test code.

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ATEasy 4.0 Simplifies Test Applications

(Irvine, CA - March 28, 2002) Geotest-Marvin Test Systems, Inc., a global supplier of electronic test equipment for aerospace, semiconductors, telecom, medical, industrial and military applications, recently announced the release of ATEasy 4.0, the next generation award-winning test development software and test executive for test & measurement applications.

Faced with more complex units under test (UUTs) and rapidly changing product lines, test professionals today demand an interactive, rapid yet flexible development environment. "For managers, ATEasy 4.0 significantly reduces development costs and speeds up the time-to-market. For engineers, the learning curve is shorter and there's a significant reduction in programming, documentation, and maintenance efforts," said Ron Yazma, Vice President of Software Development.

Enhanced features of ATEasy 4.0 provide all the necessary tools to efficiently develop and execute any test application - faster and easier.

Integrated Development Framework
ATEasy 4.0 simplifies test application development process with its streamlined, easy-to-follow framework that helps users to create re-usable components modeled after real-world test systems. Components include a System, Drivers, Programs, Tests, Commands and more.

Short Learning Curve
ATEasy 4.0 provides a familiar graphical user interface that allows Microsoft Visual Basic(TM) or Visual C++(TM) users to feel right at home. First time users can use the Application Wizard to generate applications quickly.

Rapid Application Development (RAD)
ATEasy 4.0's modular structure allows engineers to partition and organize the test code. Debugging and validation efforts are easier because the test programs are organized in individual "modules." These modules isolate problems in a debugging process. ATEasy's Just-In-Time compiler gathers only the necessary code to be executed independently without running the entire application. Thus, greatly reducing the development cycle.

Open System Architecture
ATEasy 4.0 fully supports Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM), DLL and DDE. This open system architecture enhances the application with ActiveX controls, spreadsheets, databases, word processors, web browsers and more.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Programming
ATEasy 4.0's Form Editor is very similar to Microsoft Visual Basic form editor. It provides similar sets of forms types, menus, controls, and event programming. ATEasy 4.0's forms can accommodate hundreds of ActiveX controls and components from third party vendors.

Customizable Test Executive
ATEasy 4.0 comes with a ready-to-run Test Executive module. Once the test executive is inserted, the application has a complete test executive user interface that selects and runs a test program; debugs, views and prints test logs. This plug-in architecture allows organizations to re-use the customized test-executive they have developed.

Integration with Microsoft Source Safe
ATEasy 4.0 provides a seamless integration with Microsoft Visual Source Safe. It allows the user to compare different versions of ATEasy 4.0 file and see what was modified, when and by whom.

Additional ATEasy 4.0 features include Automatic Test Log Generation (HTML or text format), Multi-threading support, Version Control/Configuration Management tools, Multi-Level User Security, Unlimited Undo/Redo, and many more.

Availability. ATEasy 4.0 is now available for shipment.

For more information. To receive complete information on the ATEasy 4.0 or other Geotest PC-based test products, contact Geotest at:
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Internet: www.geotestinc.com

A subsidiary of the Marvin Group (Inglewood, CA) Geotest -Marvin Test Systems, Inc. is a global supplier of PXI and PC-based test products, systems, and solutions. Geotest's products and systems are used worldwide in thousands of aerospace, semiconductors, communications, medical, industrial, and military test applications.

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