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Test Set targets copper-wire telecom installations.

Press Release Summary:

Dec 11, 2012 - Incorporating ¼ VGA display with LED backlight, Model HT1000/2 certifies physical layer of telephone network and its xDSL transmission characteristics, as well as HPNA data/video networks. Standard tests include: AC/DC voltage, leakage, noise, power influence, and longitudinal balance. To facilitate fault location, handheld instrument also incorporates dual-trace TDR with range up to 16,000 m. Spectrum analyzer covers frequencies from 20 kHz to 33 MHz and noise amplitudes from -90 dBm to +10 dBm.

Original Press Release

Megger Telecoms Testing that's Convenient and Comprehensive

Press release date: Dec 10, 2012

The new HT1000/2 test set from Megger combines, in a single compact handheld instrument, all of the functions needed for fast, convenient and comprehensive testing of voice and data circuits on copper-wire telecommunications installations. The easy-to-use and very competitively priced HT1000/2 can be used for all essential tests from the central office to the subscriber’s home, and provides facilities for certifying the physical layer of the telephone network and its xDSL transmission characteristics, as well as HPNA data/video networks.

Designed for ease of use, the HT1000/2 offers no fewer than 26 standard tests, the majority of which are selected from the instrument’s intuitive menu system with a single keystroke. Standard tests include voltage, with both dc and ac voltage on the circuit shown simultaneously to save time, resistance, leakage, noise, power influence and longitudinal balance.

For even greater convenience, the longitudinal balance test is complemented by a novel Super Stress™ test that provides more  sensitive results and makes it possible to reliably identify even hard-to-find short-loop imbalances.  The Super Stress test also includes a DC bias to help uncover corrosion-caused faults

The HT1000/2 also incorporates a dual-trace time-domain reflectometer (TDR) with a range of up to 16,000 metres, which greatly simplifies fault location. The use of very short pulses minimizes the dead zone and ensures that the TDR is effective at locating faults very close to the instrument as well as greater distances. As a further aid to fault analysis the TDR function can store up to ten traces, and incorporates an intermittent fault location feature.

Additional versatility is provided in the HT1000/2 by the inclusion of a wideband spectrum analyzer that is particularly useful in identifying the type of noise affecting a circuit under test and, therefore, its likely source. The analyzer covers frequencies from 20 kHz to 33 MHz, and noise amplitudes from -90 dBm to +10 dBm.

Other features of Megger’s innovative HT1000/2 copper-wire telecommunications test set include wideband tone send and receive, voiceband tone send and loss evaluation and load-coil detection..  With an option golden modem, it can sync with a DSLAM, giving an actual and attainable data rate for the line under test.

The HT1000/2 incorporates a bright ¼ VGA display with LED backlight and is powered from rechargeable NiMH batteries that, when fully charged, deliver around four hours of continuous usage at maximum consumption. The instrument is weather and drop resistant in accordance with MIL-STD-810F.

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