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Test Kits detect fluoride, chloride, and sodium.

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Apr 02, 2004 - Orion Ion Test Kits include Orion 720Aplus pH/ISE meter; either ionplus® Fluoride, ionplus Chloride, or ROSS(TM) Sodium combination electrode; filling solution; ISA or NISS standards; swing-arm stand; stirring accessory; and power adapter. Fluoride test kit provides equipment necessary to test fluoride in accordance with Standard Methods 4500-F. Sodium and chloride test kits are specifically for salt analysis in food and beverage applications.

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New Orion Ion Specific Test Kits are Now Available from Thermo Electron Corporation

Press release date: Mar 08, 2004

Simple Turn-key Meter Packages for Fluoride, Chloride and Sodium

Chicago (March 8, 2004,) - Thermo Electron Corporation (NYSE:TMO), a leader in the development and manufacturing of chemical measurement product lines, introduces the Orion Ion Test Kits, complete with all products needed for drinking water and food and beverage applications.

All-in-One test kits are now available for popular ISE measurements of Fluoride, Chloride and Sodium. Fluoride being a very important measurement in drinking water, the new Fluoride test kit provides all the equipment necessary to test Fluoride in accordance with Standard Methods 4500-F. Sodium and Chloride test kits are available specifically for salt analysis in food and beverage applications. With a single order number, you will receive an Orion 720Aplus pH/ISE meter, either an ionplus® Fluoride, an ionplus Chloride, or a ROSS(TM) Sodium combination electrode, corresponding filling solution, ISA or NISS, standards, swing arm stand, stirring accessory and power adapter. Complete pH meter packages are also available.

This and many other Thermo Electron products will be exhibited at the 2004 Pittsburgh Conference (Pittcon), which is being held from March 7-12 in Chicago, Illinois. Please visit us at booth #1475.

About Electrochemistry The Orion Electrochemistry Products from Thermo Electron, Water Analysis is an ISO 9001:2000-registered manufacturer of quality chemical measurement products. The company's line of products includes pH, ion selective electrode (ISE), colorimeters, conductivity and dissolved oxygen meters, electrodes, accessories, and solutions. Thermo Electron also offers a complete line of syringe pumps, microbalances, titrators, and Pure Water(TM) online process monitors.

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