Test Kit checks sulfate concentration in water.

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Sulfate Vacu-vials® Test Kit features self-filling Vacu-vial(TM) ampoules, which user snaps in sample. Sulfate ion reacts with barium chloride in acidic solution to form suspension of barium sulfate crystals of uniform size. Resulting turbidity is proportional to sulfate concentration of sample and can be read on any spectrophotometer that accepts 13 mm cell. Reagent formulation allows stable suspensions up to 70 ppm.

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Sulfate Water Analysis Test Kits

Offer Unique Stable Method at Affordable Cost Calverton, VA, June 5, 2002-CHEMetrics, Inc., introduces its new Sulfate Vacu-vials® Test Kit (K-9203). The new kit features CHEMetrics' patented self-filling Vacu-vial(TM) ampoules, which the user simply snaps in the sample. The Sulfate Vacu-vials test method employs the barium sulfate method. Sulfate ion reacts with barium chloride in an acidic solution to form a suspension of barium sulfate crystals of uniform size. The resulting turbidity is proportional to the sulfate concentration of the sample and can be read on any spectrophotometer that accepts a 13 mm cell. Unlike other turbidimetric tests in which the barium sulfate suspension can be unstable above 40 ppm, CHEMetrics' unique reagent formulation allows uniform crystal size and stable suspensions up to 70 ppm. CHEMetrics' 0 - 70 ppm sulfate test kit requires no accessory reagents or sample preparation. And, at under $0.90 per test, the kit is cost-effective, too. Sulfate is widely distributed in nature and may be present in natural water in a broad range of concentrations. Mine drainage wastes may contribute to large amounts of SO42- through pyrite oxidation and use of sulfuric acid. Sulfate has been assigned a secondary maximum contaminant level of 250 ppm by the USEPA in accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Act. Sulfate levels in drinking waters are generally believed to affect taste above 250 ppm as calcium sulfate, and above 400 ppm as magnesium sulfate. The presence of sulfate is necessary to produce desired flavors in the brewing industry. Levels of sulfates above 200 ppm increase the amount of lead dissolved from lead pipes. The principal problem associated with sulfate ions in water is the possibility of calcium sulfate scale formation in boilers, cooling systems, and ion exchangers. CHEMetrics manufactures portable test kits for quantitatively measuring more than 50 essential parameters, either by visual color comparison, or with an instrument. CHEMetrics is committed to providing products that are simple-to-use and accurate, while saving time and reducing costs. Visit www.chemetrics.com for the latest news and information.

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