Test Fixture streamlines touchscreen testing process.

Press Release Summary:

Projected Capacitive Test Fixture allows use of sampling method to verify integrity of touchscreens. Selected screens are individually connected to testing unit which outputs digital reading of sensor's touch levels and provides result of pass/fail. Fixture includes projected capacitive controller, 2 FPC adapter cables, power adapter, RS232 cable, as well as projected capacitive testing software. Each device is designed according to customer specifications.

Original Press Release:

Test for Touch with the Projected Capacitive Test Fixture from Touch International

Touch International, a pioneer and global leader in the touch screen industry is announcing, today, the release of its Projected Capacitive Test Fixture. The first of its kind from Touch International, the Projected Capacitive Test Fixture is intended for customers looking to expedite and streamline their testing process for TI touch screens.

An innovative approach to touch screen testing, the test fixture allows users to use a sampling method to quickly verify the integrity of the touch screens. The selected TI touch screens are individually hooked up to the testing unit which outputs a digital reading of the sensor's touch levels and provides a result of "pass" or "fail." Each test fixture is custom designed based on the stipulations of the customer.

"Since every customer has different needs and specifications, this test fixture is custom tuned to deliver the most accurate results based on their requirements," says Gary Barrett, Chief Technical Officer at Touch International. "This in turn provides a great way for our customers to save time, energy and money."

Each Projected Capacitive Test Fixture Includes:

  • Test Fixture

  • Projected Capacitive Controller

  • Two FPC Adapter Cables

  • Power Adapter

  • RS232 Cable

  • Brass Test Finger

  • Projected Capacitive Testing Software

  • User Manual for Using Test Fixture

  • 4 Hours of Technical Support (via Phone and/or E-mail)

    For more on Touch International's Projected Capacitive Test Fixture, call (512) 832-8292.

    About Touch International

    Touch International, headquartered in Austin, Texas, was founded in 2002 by Michael Woolstrum and long-time veteran, Gary Barrett, the company's CTO and has become a world leader in touch screen and EMI filter technology. The company, with its partner DMC, Co. Ltd. in Osaka, Japan, operates eight manufacturing facilities worldwide with 1,200 employees. TI's China factories manufacture Apple iPhone-type projected capacitive touch screens, resistive sensors and glass filter products used in touch screens, EMI, anti-reflective or anti-vandal filters.

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