tesa tape, inc. Enters Solar Energy Market

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - 2009 INTERSOLAR SHOW EDITION -Company officials of tesa tape, inc., an affiliate of tesa SE, a global leader in the manufacture and supply of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, are pleased to debut the company's expansive offering for the solar energy industry. The company's entry into the renewable energies market is part of a global company strategy and "focus on environment" initiative.

The Family

The tesa offering includes a myriad of adhesive tapes for the intricate components harbored within a solar panel. During the production process, specially-formulated tesa® double-sided tapes are used to permanently attach various parts of the solar cell, such as mounting the frame around the panel glass and attaching the junction box. The specialized adhesive / tape backing combinations for these double-sided tapes are built to last the lifetime of the solar panel. The tesa® double-sided tape family includes tesa® 4957, tesa® 62932, tesa® 62934, and tesa® 62936, each with slightly differing thickness and adhesion levels to ensure an exact match to every application.

Solar panel production also requires a host of temporary component securing and protecting. Select tesa® single-sided tapes have been specially developed to meet and exceed these types of applications, including: holding panel cells and laminate layers in exact placement during the lamination process; protecting the panel surface during packaging, storage, and transport; and bundling and securing necessary cables. The tesa® single-sided tape family includes: tesa® 50560 for surface protection, tesa® 4129 for temporary cell holding, tesa® 51408 for laminate bundling, and tesa® 4298 / tesa® 64250 for cable securing and management.

As production of solar panels continues to escalate, so does the need for marking and identification methods for various panel components. To answer this need, tesa offers its distinctive line of laser labels. Unique by design, tesa® laser labels are permanent, destruction-proof labels that can be engraved with unique marking and coding identifiers. These distinct labels are highly durable, tamper proof, resistant to ultraviolet light, and are ideal for marking any piece of the solar panel.

New Technology Making its Mark

Working together, Panasonic Electric Works and tesa tape have developed a cutting-edge technology for etching identification and marking codes directly on solar panel cells and glass! Combining two unique technologies, the Panasonic marking laser and a brand new tesa® laser transfer film, tesa can now offer a totally unique permanent marking and coding solution.

The tesa® LTF-C (Laser Transfer Film - Contrast) is a specially-designed, film-based transfer tape with embedded nano-particles that are activated by a laser beam (developed by Panasonic) and subsequently transferred onto glass surfaces. Essentially, the message passes directly from the tape onto the glass!

For information on the complete family of tesa® products for the solar industry, visit the company's website: www.tesatape.com.

About the Company

For over a century, tesa tape has pioneered the development of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape technologies. This rich tradition of innovation dates back to 1882 when the company's founder patented a method for manufacturing medical adhesive dressings. With this invention came the beginning of a global enterprise dedicated to the development and promotion of advanced adhesive tape solutions. Today, this worldwide enterprise services customers in over 100 countries around the globe and holds numerous product patents. In North America, tesa markets many diverse product lines including double-sided fastening tapes, masking tapes and associated products, packaging tapes, duct and cloth tapes, and many specialty tape products. At tesa, it is our charter to provide our customers with service levels and applications expertise that are second to none in the industry. With this as our goal, we stand committed to providing adhesive tape solutions beyond the roll!

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