tesa® Softprint Secure for Plate Mounting

tesa® Secure Family

Company officials of tesa tape, inc., an affiliate of tesa SE, a global leader in the manufacture and supply of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, are pleased to unveil the company's newest innovations for the printing industry. These new releases - the tesa® Softprint Secure Plate Mounting Family - join the company's extensive line of plate mounting tapes and associated products for flexographic printing applications.

Print with Security and Confidence
With the addition of the tesa® Softprint Secure Family, tesa now offers a robust line of 20 products for mounting flexographic printing plates onto cylinders and sleeves. The tesa® Softprint Secure Family is comprised of three distinctive products, all of which are equipped with the same tried-and-true, tesa® signature closed-cell foam and filmic reinforcement technology which promotes high-quality results throughout the entire print run.

tesa® 52820 Softprint Secure - 20-mil hard foam plate mounting tape

tesa® 52821 Softprint Secure - 20-mil medium foam plate mounting tape

tesa® 52822 Softprint Secure - 20-mil soft foam plate mounting tape

The defining feature of the tesa® Softprint Secure Family is its revolutionary adhesive system which has been specially developed to securely mount and maintain position of flexographic plates for the duration of the print process. Because of this revolutionary adhesive system, the tesa® Softprint Secure products are able to resist edge lift, even on the smallest cylinders and sleeves, regardless of plate thickness, and run at speeds only limited by the press itself! With the tesa® Softprint Secure Family, flexo printers can print with security and confidence.

For information on the complete family of tesa® products for flexographic printing, visit the company's website: www.tesatape.com/flexo.

About the Company
For over a century, tesa tape has pioneered the development of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape technologies. This rich tradition of innovation dates back to 1882 when the company's founder patented a method for manufacturing medical adhesive dressings. With this invention came the beginning of a global enterprise dedicated to the development and promotion of advanced adhesive tape solutions. Today, this worldwide enterprise services customers in over 100 countries around the globe and holds numerous product patents. In North America, tesa markets many diverse product lines including double-sided fastening tapes, masking tapes and associated products, packaging tapes, duct and cloth tapes, and many specialty tape products. At tesa, it is our charter to provide our customers with service levels and applications expertise that are second to none in the industry. With this as our goal, we stand committed to providing you with adhesive tape solutions beyond the roll!

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