Termination Networks do not require impedance matching.

Press Release Summary:

QDN Series, suited for high-speed memory buses, terminates load impedances and clamps high and low-state reflections as well as noise. Supporting up to 18 termination lines, QDN001 Series consists of 36 Schottky diodes in one package. With 17-channels, QDN002 Series ESD protection network provides 15 kV HBM and 8 kV ESD contact protection, and 18-Channel Series QDN003 Schottky diode termination network provides 15 kV HBM and 8 kV ESD control discharge protection.

Original Press Release:

IRC's Schottky Diode Termination Networks Provide ESD Protection For High Speed Memory Bus Applications

Networks reduce undershoot and overshoot; do not require impedance matching CORPUS CHRISTI, TX (August 29, 2005) - Providing design engineers with an effective and reliable means of terminating high speed memory buses, TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division has introduced a series of termination and ESD protection networks. Designated the QDN Series termination networks, the devices are available in three circuit configurations specifically designed to provide effective termination for both controlled and uncontrolled line terminations. According to Debasis Roy, Director of IRC Advanced Film Division's Thin Film Business Unit, the QDN Series networks do not require impedance matching. "The networks can terminate load impedances, and clamp both high and low-state reflections and noise, making them ideal for high speed data lines, particularly when involving PCI buses and SDRAM buses," he said. "This feature makes the networks ideal for high speed data lines, particularly when involving PCI buses, local buses and SDRAM." Additionally, all of the networks reduce overshoot and undershoot for all data line types, Dr. Roy continued. The networks provide line termination with virtually no power dissipation. The QDN001 Series are low power/low-noise integrated Schottky Diode termination networks consisting of 36 Schottky diodes integrated in a single package. Designed for fast turn-on and recovery characteristics, it can support up to 18 termination lines and is suitable for high speed memory bus applications. Channel clamping current is ±50mA. Operating voltage range for the network is -0.3V to 7.0V, with diode forward voltage from 0.5V (10mA) to 0.8V (50mA). Package power rating is 1.0W and operating temperature ranges from 0°C to +70°C. Another diode network, the QDN002 Series, is a 17-channel ESD protection network designed to provide 15KV HBM and 8KV ESD contact protection. Additionally, the QDN003 Series is an 18-Channel Schottky diode termination network that also provides 15KV of HBM protection and 8KV ESD control discharge protection. As with all IRC products, devices outside these specifications can be produced to meet specific customer requirements. The QDN Series networks are custom devices, with minimum order quantities of 10,000. Lead times are from stock to 10 weeks. For more information on IRC's QDN Series networks or to discuss design options, contact the TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division Sales & Marketing Department at 361-992-7900; via mail at 4222 S. Staples St., Corpus Christi, TX 78411; e-mail at afdsales@irctt.com or visit the IRC Web site at www.irctt.com. IRC Inc. is a leading international manufacturer of advanced film, metal glaze and wirewound resistive products with facilities in Corpus Christi, Texas, Boone, N.C., Smithfield, N.C., and Barbados. IRC is part of TT electronics plc, a global electronics company manufacturing a broad range of advanced electronic components, assemblies and sensor modules for the automotive, telecommunications, computer and aerospace markets. URL: www.irctt.com/

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