Terminal System is designed for automotive applications.

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Offering low-insertion force, Generation Y terminal system features 2.2 mm contact pitch and 0.64 mm/2.8 mm hybrid connectors. Manufactured using phosphor bronze material, it features 1-piece side-lock housing for independent secondary locking of female terminal and male cap with movable TPA. Terminal passes electrical/mechanical requirements of USCAR-2 Performance Standard, and demonstrates interface stability during USCAR-20 Field Correlated Life Tests, for 85 and 125°C temperature classes.

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Generation Y Terminal and Connector System Meets Key Automotive Needs

13 Nov 08

Low-insertion force 0.64mm terminal system meets key design challenges through excellent design, engineering and product stratification.

Product Features

2.2mm contact pitch provides greater circuit count in a smaller package to reduce PCB and module costs

0.64mm/2.8mm hybrid connectors provide power and signal in one connector package to reduce complexity and cost of wire harness

One piece side-lock housing provides independent secondary locking of female terminal

In-line male cap has movable TPA that returns to unseated position upon unmating of connectors, ensuring alignment of male blade to reduce stubbing

Diverse offering of connector headers for various processing methodology


Power Inverter Module

Multimedia Gateway Module

Climate Control Module

Safety Device Module

Airbag Restraint Module

Crash Sensor Connector

In today's economy, key market drivers required by most vehicle industry designers are weight reduction, commonization of product, reduced complexity and superior performance at low cost. Tyco Electronics introduces a low insertion force 0.64mm terminal system that is able to meet these key design challenges through excellent design, engineering and product stratification.

Tyco Electronics' Generation Y terminal system is a highly-engineered terminal and beam design that offers a cost savings advantage without reducing product performance. Manufactured using a phosphor bronze material with reduced stock thickness, the terminal passes both the electrical and mechanical requirements of USCAR-2 Performance Standard for Automotive Connectors, and demonstrates excellent interface stability during USCAR-20 Field Correlated Life Tests, for both 85 C and 125 C temperature classes. The reduction in material thickness without sacrificing electrical performance leads to overall weight reduction of the harness assembly. Reduction of weight in the vehicle leads to improved fuel economy, a must for vehicle buyers today.

Tyco Electronics' Generation Y connector portfolio consists of unsealed wire-to-header, unsealed wire-to-wire, sealed wire-to-wire, and sealed wire-to- device styles. The system allows a higher pin count than traditional hand-mate solutions to reduce the complexity and cost of automotive harness designs. In addition, a diverse offering of connector headers is available for various PCB processing methodologies which may lead to cost savings advantages for module suppliers.

Product stratification allows for various applications including unsealed, mat seal, or wire seal; base metal options with high normal force for engine vibration applications; and various plating options for class II, III, or IV temperature extremes. In addition, optional terminal orientation features allow variation in row-to-row pitch to condense the overall size of the connector package.

The various orientation features allow for a variety of connector housing designs, both sealed and unsealed, with the traditional front-loaded TPA or with independent secondary locking mechanisms. In addition, the terminal allows for variation in normal force to suit the application without violating the integrity of the interface. Such optimization gives the customer many options using just one common interface design.

Electronics and convenience options continue to grow each year in the vehicle industry. Combining power and signal into one connector has been a significant contributor to reducing the complexity of harness and module designs, as well as allowing increased circuit count with reduced package size.

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