Terminal Servers offer hotkey access.

Press Release Summary:

Instant Failover with Hotkey Access allows users to toggle between 2 different Windows Terminal Server sessions from single ACP Enabled Thin Client. Applications can be identical or completely different, allowing simultaneous access of, for instance, HMI application on one machine and CAD package on other machine. Hotkey Access can be added to any Thin Client installation with 2 or more Terminal Servers.

Original Press Release:

ACP adds Hotkey Access to Multiple Terminal Servers

Alpharetta, GA - July 16, 2002 - Automation Control Products (ACP, Alpharetta GA), the leader in Thin Clients for the industrial market, announces an enhancement to their Instant Failover capability that allows users to toggle between two different Windows Terminal Server sessions from a single ACP Enabled Thin Client.

ACP's Instant Failover option already allows users to keep a session on a backup server active while displaying the session on the primary server. ACP has now added the ability for a user to use a simple key sequence to switch instantly between these
sessions. The on-demand session switch means that Thin Client operators can easily keep two completely different applications ready to go at all times.

With a Thin Client, users can install an application once, on a Windows 2000 Server, and access that application multiple times from Thin Clients that are connected to that server over a network. ACP's various failover options are considered vital to most industrial customers, who need to know that problems with the applications server will not put all connected Thin Clients out of commission. Once configured, any of the 40 different models of ACP Enabled Thin Clients will detect problems with the Windows server (or the network) and switch to a backup server.

How it Works
Whereas existing failover options are handled automatically by the Thin Clients, the new Hotkey Access allows users to switch between servers (and applications) at will. The applications can be identical (as would be used for a standard failover configuration) or completely different, allowing simultaneous access of, for instance,an HMI application on one machine and a CAD package on the other.

The Hotkey Access feature can be easily added to any ACP Thin Client installation with two or more Terminal Servers by purchasing ACP's Instant Failover module for their
existing licenses. Customers who already have the Instant Failover module can simply download the new version at no cost directly from ACP's website.

About Automation Control Products
ACP has more experience than any other company in the field of Industrial Thin Clients, and embeds its Thin Client Technology into products from leading industrial computer manufacturers, allowing them to bring to market superior Thin Client devices. When combined with ACP's ThinManager Thin Client management tool, each client has performance and features unmatched by products from any other company.

Company Website: www.acpthinclient.com

ACP Press Contact:
David Hancock
VP Marketing
email: dhancock@acpthinclient.com
voice: 770-205-2475

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