Tension Meter measures elevator wire rope tension.

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Suitable for loads up to 10,000 lb per wire rope, Quick Balance Tension Meter can attach to rope, measure tension, and be removed in seconds. Each individual reading can be compared to target settings stored in memory and displayed alongside current readings. Device also delivers average wire rope load data and features totalizer to provide overall elevator weight. Accommodating ½, 9/16, and 5/8 in. wire rope sizes, meter comes with one set of sheaves ranging from ¼-¾ in.

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Dillon Quick Balance Tension Meter Measures Elevator Wire Rope Tension in Seconds and Determines Total Elevator Weight

The Quick Balance Tension Meter attaches, measures wire rope tension and detaches in seconds. Fairmont, MN-Dillon Force Measurement introduces the Quick Balance Tension Meter, a time- and labor-saving solution for measuring and comparing individual elevator wire rope tension, as well as determining overall elevator weight. Quick Balance can be manually attached to a wire rope, measure the wire rope's tension and be removed in seconds-expediting elevator maintenance and service visits. Each individual wire rope reading can be compared to target settings stored in Quick Balance's memory and displayed alongside current readings. Quick Balance additionally stores multiple wire rope size and type settings, eliminating the need for conversion charts or lookup tables. This design simplifies tension adjustments when needed and allows personnel to view and balance multiple wire ropes in minutes. The device also delivers average wire rope load data and features a totalizer to provide overall elevator weight, making it a revolutionary solution for safe, efficient tension measurement for loads of up to 10,000 lbs per wire rope. "Quick Balance is the single tool that an elevator service technician needs to quickly confirm each wire rope is carrying an equivalent and appropriate load," said Travis Junkermeier, Dillon product manager. "Previously, to check wire rope tension, two personnel were required to travel onsite, and they spent nearly an hour employing numerous hoisting and measuring devices to determine one wire rope load. This can now can be accomplished by a single technician in seconds with an ergonomic, simple to use device." "While Quick Balance's wire rope tension measurement method already saves users significant time and labor," Junkermeier adds, "the addition of a totalizing feature makes elevator weighing simpler and safer than ever before, with no manual documentation required." Each Quick Balance comes standard with three wire rope sizes it can accommodate-1/2", 9/16" and 5/8"-plus one set of sheaves that ranges from 1/4" to 3/4". Up to five more wire rope types and sizes ranging from 3/16" and 1" may be added. The device delivers a low loading error, yielding only 0.08" wire rope elongation during use, and provides an exceptional accuracy rate of ±3% of the full scale when calibrated to a specific wire rope size and type. The following additional features make the Quick Balance Tension Meter an efficient, simple-to-apply solution for commercial and industrial elevators:
o Sheaves with bearings eliminate friction and provide highest accuracy
o Telescoping handle engages the wire rope quickly with minimal effort
o Yellow finish promotes high visibility
o Easy-to-read backlit display features full text prompts
o Soft-key interface is easy to use
o Long operational life on a single set of AA batteries
o Protective storage case included with each instrument Dillon Force Measurement is the world's leading provider of force measurement related products and systems. For further information on the Quick Balance Tension Meter, contact: Dillon Force Measurement, 1000 Armstrong Drive, Fairmont, MN 56031. Phone: 800-368-2031 (or 507-238-8253); Fax: 507-238-8258. Email: info@dillon-force.com. Web: dillon-force.com.

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