Tensiometers continuously monitor cable tension.

Press Release Summary:

RLT tensiometers coupled with force indicators provide real-time display and data capture of speed, distance, and tension for cable laying or winding/unwinding applications. 11 models are available with capacities from 20 lbs to 40,000 lbs. Units feature 3 roller bearing sheaves. Load cell transmits line tension as well as current peak, total distance traveled, and rate of travel, to indicator with 99.5% accuracy.

Original Press Release:

New Tensiometer Monitors Running Cable Tension During Installation To Prevent Damage And Breaks

Fairmont, MN-December 10, 2001-Dillon has introduced a series of running line tensiometers designed to provide continuous monitoring of cable tension during installation. The Dillon RLT (Running Line Tensiometer), coupled with a Dillon force indicator, provides real-time display and data capture of speed, distance and tension for cable laying or winding/unwinding applications. The Dillon RLT is particularly useful among utility companies in the stringing of underground cable, allowing even sensitive fiber optic cable to be drawn for miles through underground conduit without damage or breakage. The RLT provides continuous documentation of the installation process, and if linked to a Dillon Force Indicator with cutoff capability, the tensiometer can be configured to automatically shut down the pulling mechanism if the tension approaches a pre-set limit. Eleven different capacity models of the Dillon RLT are available from 20 pounds to 40,000 pounds. Standard models are available for applications as varied as thread winding/unwinding in the textile industry to ship and barge towing and lifting in marine applications. The Dillon RLT employs three precision engineered roller bearing sheaves through which the line to be monitored is threaded. A sensitive load cell built into the RLT transmits line tension, as well as current peak, total distance traveled and rate of travel, to the indicator with 99.5% accuracy. Each tensiometer is calibrated to a specific line size matched to the correct pulley size. RLT models through 1,000 lb. capacity are equipped with steel pulleys, while capacities of 4,000 lb. and over are supplied with Nylatron pulleys as standard. Non-standard pulleys are also available.

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