Temperatures Are Dropping: Time to Make the Switch to Continental Winter Tires

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Dec. 11 -- With winter here, Continental Tire North America, Inc., is launching a "45-degree Make the Switch" campaign.

"It's a fact: as temperatures drop below 45-degree, so does an all-season tire's ability to grip the road. And that can lead to dangerous driving conditions," said Joerg Burfien, director of R & D, Continental Tire North American, Inc. "Since all-season and winter tires are about as similar as sandals and snowshoes, we've launched this program to encourage our customers to stay safer in winter by switching to Continental Winter Tires.

"Summer tires just aren't built to hold the road in the same way that winter tires do," Burfien continued. "During winter drivers would experience a dramatic drop in grip, meaning longer stopping distances, less driving control and by far, less safety."

ContiWinterContact(TM) winter tires are engineered with pliable tread compounds and tread designs that remain soft and flexible in even the coldest temperatures, increasing the contact area and providing better grip on wet or icy roads. Tread design features include more supple compounds, deeper tread grooves and smaller shoulder grooves.

The Continental Winter Tire lineup includes:

The ContiWinterContact(TM) TS810, engineered with an innovative component compound that improves performance on wet roads, enhances driving stability and increases tread life. The TS810 conquers the road in unpredictable snow conditions by offering 20% wider sipes on the inner shoulder, to enhance snow absorption. An asymmetrical tread design with sturdy center and inner shoulder blocks improves grip in snowy conditions, while the new sipe spacers prevent sipes from closing during surface contact, thereby increasing traction and handling. The ContiWinterContact(TM) TS810 is available in a variety of 15" to 17" rim diameters, with aspect ratios of 45-65, and speed ratings of H, T and V.

TheContiWinterContact(TM) TS810 S delivers performance regardless of the season.

Designed with a rib-oriented design for more precise handling and a sportier performance, this tire features 20% wider sipes on the inner shoulder for enhanced snow absorption, as well as new sipe spacers, to prevent the sipes from closing during surface contact. Innovative component technology also improves performance on wet roads and delivers better driving stability.

The ContiWinterContact(TM) TS810 S is available in a wide range of 15" to 19" rim diameters, with speed ratings of H, T, V and W.

The ContiWinterContact(TM) TS790 is a state-of-the-art winter tire featuring exceptional handling and braking at low temperatures. A revolutionary refined silica tread compound with Cross Link Sipe (CLS) technology, combined with high sipe density in the center tread, provide optimal grip on snow and ice. An asymmetrical tread pattern and sturdy outer shoulder blocks provide excellent handling and braking characteristics, particularly at low temperatures. Wide circumferential grooves resist hydroplaning while providing enhanced performance, a quiet ride and long life. Finally, an Advanced Mold Contour (AMC) helps to prevent tread deformation due to even ground pressure distribution at higher speeds.

The ContiWinterContact TS790 is available in a wide range of the most sought-after 15" through 17" sizes, with aspect ratios of 45-65 and speed ratings of T and H.

Continental also offers the General Tire Altimax Arctic(TM), the first true winter tire for the General Tire brand. The Altimax Arctic(TM) combines unique grooves and sipes with a modern compound to offer high performance at low temperatures. The multi-angle sipe system provides 270 degrees of biting sipes that improve traction and a directional tread pattern and center stability rib promote enhanced water evacuation and straight-line stability. The tire's exclusive Reactive Contour Technology allows the contour of the Altimax Arctic to react to different road conditions for optimum road contact throughout the life of the tire, while the all-weather dual tread compound provides exceptional cold-weather flexibility and excellent wet traction.

The studdable Altimax Arctic(TM) is currently available in twenty-six 13- 17 inch sizes, with a Q-speed rating. For more information on the Altimax Arctic(TM) visit generaltire.com .

With annual sales of more than euro 25 billion, $36.6 billion USD (based on 2006 figures), the Continental Corporation is one of the top five automotive suppliers worldwide. As a supplier of brake systems, systems and components for the powertrain and chassis, instrumentation, infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics, tires and technical elastomers, the corporation contributes towards enhanced driving safety and protection of the global climate. Continental is also a competent partner in networked automobile communication. Today, the corporation employs approximately 150,000 people at nearly 200 locations in 36 countries.

For additional information visit www.ctnamedia.com

Source: Continental Tire


Dana Zamalloa of Continental Tire

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