Temperature/Process Controller offers 0.1% accuracy.

Press Release Summary:

Encased in 74 mm 1/16 DIN short casing with NEMA 4X/IP66 waterproof and dustproof protection, FB100 offers selectable sampling time of 50, 100, or 250 msec. It has universal input, up to 5 digital inputs, 3 digital outputs, and multi-memory area that stores up to 8 sets of control parameters, along with 20 mm high 5-digit display and front panel with settable bar graph display. Unit communicates with PC via USB and supports RS-232C, RS-422A, RS-485, and Modbus.

Original Press Release:

RKC Instrument Announces High Performance Process Controller in 1/16 DIN Short Case

SOUTH BEND, IN - RKC Instrument announces the release of the FB100 high performance temperature/process controller with an accuracy of 0.1%. The 1/16 DIN is housed in a panel saving 74mm short case which has NEMA4X and IP66 waterproof and dustproof protection.

Sampling time can be selected as 50ms,100ms, or 250ms, depending on the application. A special start-up tuning feature calculates optimum PID values and eliminates time that conventional autotuning requires at start-up. The operator can select from autotuning, advanced autotuning, or a more advanced Brilliant II autotuning feature which allows selectable PID control.

The FB100 has universal input, up to 5 digital inputs, 3 digital outputs, A multi-memory area function stores up to 8 sets of control parameters and may be set easily through front key operation, DI, or communications. The multi-memory area may be used to create up to 16 segments of ramp/soak control.

A loader port comes standard to permit communication with a PC using its USB port. Win-UCI software is provided to make data monitoring/logging easy in setting control parameters or copying parameters to another FB series controller via PC. Communication capabilities include RS-232C, RS-422A, RS-485 and Modbus.

Intercontroller communication is an available option using a second port. Other
options include up to 4 event alarms, heater break alarm, analog retransmission output, remote setpoint, power feed forward function, and feedback resistance (FBR). An inter-controller option uses digital communication to achieve precise cascade control, a group RUN/STOP function, temperature ratio setting, and uniform temperature-rise even when using as many as 32 controllers.

The 5-digit display is a large, easy to read 20mm height. The front panel also features a settable bar graph display. The internal assembly is removable from the front to allow for easy maintenance. The series is also available as a ¼ DIN or 1/8 DIN x 60 mm deep case.

The FB series is an ideal instrument for both end-users and the OEM market in a wide range of industries including ovens, furnaces, kilns, annealing and other heat related processes, test stands, environmental chambers, plastics, and packaging.

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