Temperature Controller offers simplified operation.

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ProVU Process Controller features wizard that guides users through setup and configuration of input type, outputs, alarms, and set points. Unit includes front panel USB port for saving settings via memory stick and LCD screen that displays plain text messages. Functions can be activated as needed, such as data logging, trending, and profiling, and trend and alarm views can also be displayed. At standard ¼ DIN size, it also offers universal input for thermocouple/RTD/linear dc signals.

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West Control Solutions Introduces the ProVU Process Controller

Gurnee, IL 2/23/2009 - West Controls Solutions announces the introduction of the ProVU Process Controller. The ProVU is an innovative temperature controller that combines simplicity of use with a range of functions that have only previously been available in high end process controllers. The ProVU controller is unique in offering the option of integrated data logging, a large LCD screen with simple text messages, an innovative set up wizard with customizable menu options; combined, these can help to reduce setup and operating costs.

ProVU is designed to make operation as simple as possible. The plain text feature reduces the potential for confusion that is traditionally associated with the mnemonic codes that are often used in competing products with LED displays.

In addition, the new controller incorporates a simple set-up wizard, which automatically starts as soon as the instrument is powered on. The wizard guides users through the principle set-up and configuration procedures, including the type of inputs, outputs, alarms, set points and so on; for many mainstream applications this may be all that is required, enabling fast and simple commissioning. These settings can also be saved to a memory stick via a front panel USB port and then used for later reconfiguration or to download the same program to other ProVU units; alternatively, PC based Blue Control software can be used for on and off-line configuration.

For more complex process operations, or where greater monitoring and control of process parameters is needed, the ProVU offers the option for users to activate additional functions, such as data logging, trending and profiling. As each feature is activated extra pages are automatically added to the user menu, giving access to status information and the relevant control functions; where security is required, control and parameter settings can be allocated to the password protected Supervisor menu. The advantage of this approach is that it ensures that only the menu pages that are required are visible to users, which simplifies overall operation.

The integrated data logging option can be configured to log process values, set points and alarms by recording historical data for export to a standard .csv file. There is also a facility to provide on-screen trend and alarm views. Functionality is extended still further by the profile feature, which supports 255 segments for use in up to 64 profiles; supported segments include ramp, dwell, hold, loop, and jump to profile. Profile control is possible from the controller, by remote input or timed via the integral real time clock.

ProVU is a standard ¼ DIN size, making it easy to retro-fit, has a universal input for thermocouple, RTD and linear DC signals, and a range of output options including relay, SSR driver, linear DC and triac; as the output options are modular, it is easy to match them to particular process requirements. Communications options include Modbus TCP Ethernet and RS485 Modbus RTU.

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