Telos Infinityâ„¢ IP Intercom replaces matrix technology.

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Telos Infinity™ IP Intercom can be integrated into analog, AES, SDI, and MADI systems using AoIP interface. This unit converges both voice communication and contribution audio onto a single unit. This system consists of Intercom Master Panels, rack-mounted Master Expansion Panels, Master Desktop Stations, wired Dual Channel Partyline Beltpacks, and Dashboard software.

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Telos Infinityâ„¢ IP Intercom Scheduled for Delivery in April 2018

Infinity - The AoIP Solution that Changes Everything

The Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group is pleased to announce that the new Telos Infinity™ IP Intercom is on track for delivery to initial customers in April 2018. More than just a talkback system, the award-winning Telos Infinity IP Intercom converges voice communication and contribution audio on a single IT backbone employing the latest standards-based VoIP and Livewire+ AES67 AoIP transport to provide dedicated features and functionality without compromise or limitations. Infinity replaces outmoded matrix technology with an advanced, distributed AoIP network solution that provides superior functionality in a simplified, more elegant form.

“The response to Infinity since the launch at IBC 2017 has been exceptional. I cannot recall a new communications product creating such a stir in the broadcast industry for a very long time. We are very happy to be able to announce that a number of customers have put their faith in Infinity and will be the first adopters of this ground-breaking technology, with several systems going live around the globe during spring 2018.” said Martin Dyster, VP of Business Development, TV Solutions Group. “As the broadcast industry moves into a new phase with the rapid and wide adoption of Media over IP standards like SMPTE 2110, the concept of a matrix-free intercom system based on AES67 and S2110-30 is clearly the right product at the right time.”

Being matrix-free allows plug-and-play networked audio hardware and software to be added to the system as part of a planned or ad-hoc change without ever worrying that the number of available ports on a matrix might be exceeded. Any networked audio endpoint can be accessed through the Telos Infinity Dashboard software. And because it natively supports Livewire+ AES67, Infinity seamlessly connects with Telos Alliance AoIP products as well as those from numerous other supporting manufacturers.

Telos Infinity IP Intercom also easily integrates into existing analog, AES, SDI, and MADI systems using an AoIP interface, including the Telos Alliance xNode family of baseband-to-IP interfaces. This provides a means by which customers wishing to retain their existing audio infrastructure can easily realize the many benefits of the Infinity AoIP solutions.

The Telos Infinity IP Intercom system includes rack-mounted Intercom Master Panels, rack-mounted Master Expansion Panels, Master Desktop Stations, wired Dual Channel Partyline Beltpacks, and Dashboard Software in Basic and Premium versions.

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