Teleprompter Software eliminates need for custom drivers.

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TeleScriptPRO, TeleScriptNR, and TeleScriptAV software provides prompting for broadcast and video applications. None require proprietary hardware and all accommodate any hardware that provides composite video output in NTSC or PAL. TeleScriptPRO is suitable for broadcast, production, corporate, staging, and government applications; TeleScriptNR can operate as stand-alone newsroom system; and TeleScriptAV is for single script prompting applications.

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Telescript Displays TeleScript Series Prompting Software

Provide Prompting Software Solutions For Every Level Of Application.

Las Vegas, NV (April 8, 2002) -- Telescript, Inc. is demonstrating its unique family of Prompting Software here at NAB 2002, which offers the highest levels of versatility, processing power and cost-efficiency available. The TeleScript Series Software includes three programs -- TeleScriptPRO, TeleScriptNR and TeleScriptAV -- to provide prompting solutions for a comprehensive range of broadcast and professional video applications. All three programs deliver mission critical reliability and do not require any proprietary hardware. In addition, TeleScript Series Software is scalable and can be easily updated.

"Our TeleScript Series Software does not require any proprietary hardware, and provides both advanced and versatile features for the most extensive range of broadcast and professional applications," said John McGrath, Managing Director, Telescript, Inc. "This allows users to select the program that best meets their specific needs today and affords them the opportunity to easily upgrade their prompting capabilities in the future."

The TeleScript Series has been developed using Windows technology to assure the highest levels of performance and scalability, and offers inherent benefits such as database and indexing capabilities along with the highest levels of reliability. In addition, TeleScript Series software does not require any proprietary hardware and can accommodate virtually any off the shelf hardware that provides composite video output in NTSC or PAL standards. There's no need for custom drivers or SCSI cards, and you'll never have to deal with compatibility issues. The TeleScript Series also provides full Unicode compliance to support all world languages. You can even use different languages within the same script, and menu selections can be changed to any language desired.

TeleScriptPRO is ideal for a wide range of broadcast, production, corporate, staging and government applications with demanding prompting needs. The software provides advanced run-list management capabilities; customizable presenter and operator preferences; all the functionality and performance required for advanced multiple monitor support; editing while prompting; full Unicode compliance; smooth scrolling with several controller options; full network integration for fast and easy access to scripts; and the ability to be easily upgraded to TeleScriptNR.

TeleScriptNR incorporates a powerful interface for automation systems that allows prompting to be a fully integrated newsroom function. The software features all of the capabilities of TeleScriptPRO plus the ability to behave like a prompter client to common newsroom systems, full compliance with the MOS protocol, and the ability to operate as a stand-alone newsroom system with remote run-list management.

TeleScriptAV is designed to provide all the mission critical reliability of TeleScriptPRO for single script prompting applications. The software offers an exceptionally easy to use GUI, full Unicode compliance; rich text formatting allows use of any font style or size; and the ability to be easily upgraded to TeleScriptPRO. Optional serial control capability is also available.

Telescript prompting solutions can be found in the world's most famous venues. In fact, Telescript's impressive list of broadcast users includes ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox networks, as well as leading cablecasters such as CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, ESPN, C-SPAN, MTV and VH1. In addition to serving the White House, the United Nations and foreign governments around the world, Telescript is the system of choice for Fortune 500 companies including Coca-Cola, AT&T, IBM, Walt Disney, Texaco, General Motors, Ford, Bristol Myers Squibb and the New York Stock Exchange to name a few.

For more information on Telescript teleprompting systems, call 201-767-6733, fax 201-784-0323, or e-mail . You can visit Telescript's web site at

Telescript, Inc. is the leading supplier of teleprompting systems for broadcast, production and presentation applications. The company offers advanced prompting software available in DOS and Windows operating systems and a comprehensive selection of CRT and LCD Flat Panel Teleprompters for studio, field and hand held production applications, as well as for public speaking. Telescript also offers AR Tempro Glass that virtually eliminates glare and reflections for numerous broadcast and sports applications.

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