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Offering scalable development tool kit for speech and IVR solutions, VBVoice v5.6.1 optimizes stability for high-density SIP, VoIP, and HMP applications. Program integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio 2009, allowing line-by-line execution, breakpoints, and debug screens. Functionality of all controls can be customized by adding VB, VB.NET, or C# code to events. With multithreading, users can make calls to slow databases or mainframes without affecting user experience on other channels.

Original Press Release:

Pronexus Aces the Competition with VBVoice 5.6.1

New IVR features significantly increase interoperability and allow for more responsive and interactive self-service IVR applications.

Ottawa, Canada - May 05, 2009 - Pronexus, the award winning creator of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) development tools releases VBVoice 5.6.1, their easy-to-install, feature rich and highly scalable development tool kit for speech and IVR solutions.

VBVoice 5.6.1 includes several major features and enhancements that significantly reduce the cost and complexity of voice (IVR) application development and increase stability for high density SIP, VoIP and HMP applications. A free evaluation version of VBVoice 5.6.1 is available immediately at

"Pronexus is once again leading the charge and implementing all the right enhancements into its award winning IVR tool kit VBVoice" says John Pope, President of CenturiSoft. "Integrating SIP, HMP, MRCP and VoIP protocols is crucial to stay ahead of the curve in today's competitive IVR environment. Pronexus has never let us down; they always seem to have a visionary view into the IVR Speech/Voice industry and that is why we have counted on Pronexus and VBVoice for the past 9 years as our partner and IVR development tool kit of choice."

An unwavering 15 year focus on developing standards based VB.NET voice enabled development tools has made VBVoice the most comprehensive IVR development tool available today. By leveraging the power of Microsoft VB.NET standards and tapping in to the millions of .NET developers worldwide, Pronexus is able to continually drive leading edge innovation and help make speech/voice enabled telephony applications easier to create and deploy. Prior to VBVoice developers were searching - and some, even to this day, are still searching - for an "Open Standard" development solution, and have settle for mashups of Java, VoiceXML, CCXML, scripts, and gateways to accomplish what VBVoice already offers in an integrated GUI based development solution.
Gary Hannah, President and CEO of Pronexus says, "We are extremely excited about this release (VBVoice 5.6.1). With its flawless integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Vista support and integration with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 it allows SMBs to experience the same sophisticated IVR solutions that were once only affordable to Fortune 1000 companies. Our partners have always counted on Pronexus to provide them with the most advanced IVR development tools necessary to deliver Best-in-Class Speech/Voice enabled solutions for their high-end clients. And now, with Microsoft Speech Server 2007 support, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is significantly reduced, allowing our partners to offer their leading-edge solutions to everyone."

  • Industry-standard programming language - Programming in Visual Studio, VB.NET, C#, eliminates the need to learn proprietary languages and shortens the learning curve.

  • Source level debugging - Integration with Visual Studio allows line-by-line execution, breakpoints, debug screens, etc., giving developers thorough control over application debugging.

  • High level programming - Complete, fully event-driven framework, relieving programmers from low-level design decisions and time-consuming implementation.

  • Customizable voice controls - Functionality of all controls can be customized by adding VB, VB.NET or C# code to the events.

  • Integration of next generation technologies - Fully integrated into Visual Studio .NET, the latest Integrated Development Environment (IDE) from Microsoft.

  • Reusable custom modules - Taking advantage of the Visual Basic open architecture; allows the creation and import of VBVoice Composite Controls (COM objects) that can be shared by various applications.

  • Sharing of telephony resources among several applications - System resources are hosted on one or more master machines while the applications themselves run in separate processes on separate machines. This allows sharing of telephony hardware and TTS and ASR engines among a large number of applications, resulting in reduced system costs.

  • Multithreading - Make calls to slow databases or mainframes without affecting user experience on other channels.

  • Open database connectivity - Leverage existing database infrastructure through compatibility with any OBDC data source.

    Pricing and Availability

    VBVoice 5.6.1 is now available. For information or to download a free evaluation version, please visit our website at .

    About Pronexus

    Since 1993, Pronexus has delivered proven voice applications and development tools that streamline business processes. Enterprises, Independent Software Vendors, Service Providers and Developers rely on Pronexus to help them integrate voice with business systems that include unified communications, customer relationship management and field service automation systems. Let us show you how we can help you reduce the time, cost and complexity of deploying speech and telephony technology by visiting our web site:

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