Telemanagement System enables smart street/area lighting control.

Press Release Summary:

Using open technologies and secure Internet connection, Owlet(TM) enables control of street and area lighting via Web-based applications. Wireless solution, used for monitoring, controlling, metering, and managing outdoor lighting, improves outdoor lighting reliability and security. Each light point can be switched on/off or dimmed at any time. Operating status, energy consumption, and possible failures, along with exact time stamp and geographical location, are stored in database.

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Schréder Launches Owlet(TM) System of Intelligent Street and Area Lighting Wireless Controls

Elk Grove Village--- Street lighting will never be the same as Schréder Lighting US General Manager John Camp has announced the launch of the Owlet(TM) system of intelligent street and area lighting wireless controls across the US and Canada.

Schréder OWLET is a telemanagement system for monitoring, controlling, metering and managing outdoor lighting in public spaces, college and corporate campuses, residential developments, shopping malls and other locations. Using open technologies and a secure connection to the Internet, street and area lighting can be controlled with technical precision, using modern web based applications.

Schréder OWLET offers a wide range of lighting innovations:
  • Saves Energy and meters usage
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improves outdoor lighting reliability and security
  • Improves maintenance and lowers its cost

    Each individual light point can be switched on or off, or dimmed at any time. Operating status, energy consumption and possible failures are reported and stored in a database with exact time stamp and geographical location.

    OWLET helps pubic lighting managers ensure the exact level of "The Right Light" for their application while improving reliability of outdoor lighting and reducing operating costs.

    Rod Stummer, Director of Business Development, for Schréder Lighting US, is responsible for working with municipalities, DOTs, facility managers, college and corporate lighting managers, specifers, distributors and other professionals.

    About Schréder Lighting US

    From refined, artistic architectural lighting to durable luminaires that withstand the harshest elements of tunnel, DOT, and transit environments, Schréder Lighting is the epitome of quality and distinction.

    Located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, Schréder Lighting US is a respected member of the Schreder Group G.I.E. and operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Addison, Illinois.

    Schréder Group G.I.E. was founded in Belgium in 1907, and has become an international organization with over 2,600 employees, in more than 40 facilities, in 30 countries and on 5 continents. Schréder Group G.I.E specializes in upscale, architectural and high performing outdoor lighting that is at the forefront of technological and aesthetic innovation. The members and affiliated companies of the Schréder Group share facilities and powerful, state-of-the-art tools for R&D, manufacturing, high-level photometric studies, and laboratory testing. Findings are shared within the group for the purpose of providing best options for the "the right light" worldwide.

    The "Right Lighting" mantra pertains to the enabling of design performance criteria that best incorporates economical, ecological, and energy efficient fundamentals.

    For more information, contact: Schréder Lighting LLC, 985 Busse Road, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Tel: 847.621.5100 Fax: 847.621.5121 Website: www.Schreder.US

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