Tee Valve is designed to minimize potential accidents.

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Suited for continuous flow applications, Tee Valve assembly includes Type 546 ball valve connected to tee by reducer bushing. Safety plug, shipped on open end of valve, prevents leakage if valve is left open when system is started up. Available in PVC and CPVC body materials with EPDM valve seals, product is offered in 1 x ½ in. through 8 x 2 in. sizes. Fully assembled unit, rated at 232 psi, also features safeblock ball seat and blow-out proof stem.

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George Fischer's New Tee Valve Minimizes Accidents and Reduces Labor Installation Costs

TUSTIN, Calif. - Aug. 2, 2005 - In applications where continuous flow system operation is critical, such as in semiconductor applications, incorporating as many safeguards into the system as possible is a high priority. George Fischer's new Tee Valve assembly reduces installation time and labor expenses and provides a number of inherent design features that minimize potential accidents to help prevent the necessity of system shutdown.

The new Tee Valve is a fully assembled package that includes a Type 546 Ball Valve connected to a tee by a specially designed high-strength reducer bushing, and a plug assembled to the valve. The reducer bushing allows the valve to fit tightly against the tee for a strong, robust connection. It also results in a short overall length, providing additional strength. In comparison, traditional reducing tee connections are typically longer in length and the connecting pipe is thinner than the valve or the tee. Both these characteristics make the lateral reducing tee ball valve assembly more prone to breakage, problems eliminated with the Tee Valve design.

Another feature designed to minimize accidents is the Tee Valve safety plug. Shipped with the plug on the open end of the valve, this prevents potential leakage should the user accidentally leave the valve open when the system is started up.

In addition to its safety and strength features, the Tee Valve also provides significant convenience and labor-savings economies. By combining the valve, tee and plug into one assembled unit, it eliminates the need for the user to purchase multiple components, design the pipe, and manufacture the assembly.

"George Fischer's Tee Valve is really designed with the idea of accident-prevention in mind - a cost-effective insurance against shutting down critical systems," explained Tom Carlson, Product Manager. "That, combined with its all-in-one assembly package, really afford the user with an outstanding valve for their system."

The new Tee Valve can be used in a variety of applications including Plant Cooling Water and Plant Vacuum found in the semiconductor market, chemical processing and water and wastewater treatment industries. Typical points of use would be as a quick safety relief valve, to gain access into the system, or to redirect the flow. Available in PVC and CPVC body materials with EPDM valve seals, the Tee Valve is available in sizes 1" x ½" through 8" x 2". The fully assembled unit is shipped with both a socket and NPT threaded union, allowing the user to select the type of true union end desired. The Tee Valve is rated at 232 psi and is ASTM 1970-01 compliant for the valve end connection.

The Tee Valve assembly includes all the high performance characteristics inherent to the Type 546 True Union Ball Valve. Important features include a safeblock ball seat and blow-out proof stem with double stem seals for complete operator protection and safety. The valve handle, which doubles as a spanner wrench, can be used to adjust or remove the seat carrier, providing easy disassembly and convenience. And its high impact handle construction provides durable, reliable service under rugged conditions.

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