Technifor´s Portable and BenchTop Marking Technology Delivers for All Industries

Technifor´s Portable and BenchTop Marking Technology Delivers for All Industries

The complete portable electromagnetic M120 is entirely self-contained. Its belt-mounted battery pack gives the user freedom to move about unhindered. A keyboard can be connected for quick marking file preparation. The user-friendly graphical interface guides the operator through the entire marking process and supplies fast marks of 5 characters per second.

The lightweight pneumatic XF520Cp, 5lbs. (2.7 kg), allows the operator to bring the machine to the part, and offers the same positioning flexibility as the M120. At 10 characters per second, it is the fastest on the market, with versatile character - measuring .020 inches to 2 inches (0.5mm to 49.5 mm) - capabilities.

The XF530 is a portable workhorse offering the deepest (0.012inches/.4mm) marking capability. Marks this deep are invaluable when marking parts for use in corrosive environments, like oil and gas industries, pipe manufacturing or shipbuilding. Ergonomically designed, the grips easily rotate for vertical or horizontal use.

Of the column-mounted workbench machines, the economical XF500 offers quick set up and operation. This unit has a large marking field 4.75 inches x 4 inches (120 x 100 mm), and a generous backlit graphical display. It can be used on all materials (metals up to 62 HRC, alloys and plastics), and all surfaces: flat, convex, machined, rough, painted, etc.

If an automatic Z-axis is preferred, Technifor now offers the XF500Zm. Accuracy is its key characteristic, with a high-precision stylus guidance system and motorized Z-axis. It can locate the surface to be marked without any user input or manual adjustment, speeding up the marking process and improving productivity. It is precise enough to mark with characters measuring just 0.5 mm (.20 inches) high.

Safety-critical, complex marking and other precision engineered marking needs, such as can be found in aerospace and the automotive industires, can be satisfied with Technifor´s MR7000 taceability package of an XF500Zm and DataMatrix code reader.

Plus, Technifor´s unrivaled range of product options allows for easy customization: electromagnetic or pneumatic technology, column-mounting options for hand-held units, and tag feeders and rotary devices. Technifor´s portable and benchtop micro percussion range of direct part marking solutions can meet any marking requirement in any market. Visit to contact your area representative.


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