Technicolor to Include Sony 4K SXRD Projection System in Its Upcoming Digital Cinema Beta Test

PARK RIDGE, N.J., Nov. 16 -- Furthering the industry appreciation of 4K resolution as the ultimate in digital projection technology, Technicolor, part of the Services division of Thomson, SA, is including Sony's SXRD(TM) (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display) 4K digital projection system in its digital cinema beta test in early 2006.

The Sony projectors (models SRX-R110 and SRX-R105), which began shipping last month, are the first commercially available devices utilizing 4K technology. The Sony digital cinema projection system is DCI-compliant, and delivers a 4096 x 2160 pixel resolution to produce four times the pixel count of current high-definition televisions.

Technicolor's inclusion of the Sony 4K digital cinema projection system as part of its digital cinema deployment underscores the importance of offering theater owners and patrons a range of high-quality digital entertainment options.

"The goal of digital cinema is to offer an entertainment experience that can't be had at home, even with the best of home theater systems," said Joe Berchtold, president of Technicolor Electronic Distribution Services. "Sony's 4K SXRD projector is a device that can deliver on this promise, and will provide theatergoers a more satisfying and dynamic cinema experience. That's why we're including the Sony projector in our beta test next year and eventually expect to deploy a meaningful number of them in the marketplace."

Sony plans to begin producing 100 SXRD projectors per month by January. In addition to theater operators, customers include post production facilities, movie studios and rental houses. Non-cinema applications are likely to be in lecture halls and auditoriums, as well as in simulation and command-and- control situations where multiple, simultaneous views may be required for monitoring and surveillance.

"Delivering a more satisfying theater experience for patrons requires the active participation of manufacturers, studios, exhibitors and solutions providers like Technicolor," said John Scarcella, president of Sony Electronics' Broadcast and Business Solutions Company. "Only by working together can we provide a form of entertainment that consumers can't get at home, and this support from Technicolor is the perfect example of the industry cooperation necessary for digital cinema to succeed."

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