Technical Fabric Weathermax 80 Earns US Patent

In acknowledgement of its innovative and one-of-a-kind technical outdoor fabric, Safety Components was awarded US patent 9,121,131 on WeatherMAX 80. The versatile performance material is widely used in a broad range of industries. The company holds a Canadian patent on the same product.

WeatherMAX 80 is made using 100% pigment solution-dyed SaturaMAX for maximum color retention. The water resistance comes from Safety Components' proprietary HydroMax finish and unique construction. This avoids the need for a coating, so it maintains real breathability.

Compared to acrylic and polyester, the fabric out-performs in strength, dimensional stability, color fastness and durability. It's also elastic and recovers completely after stress to the material is removed.

Ideal for countless harsh-environment applications, it's commonly used for boats, awnings and canopies, and outdoor furniture and umbrellas. The fabric is available in a wide assortment of colors.

"With WeatherMAX, we've created an entirely new category of outdoor fabric," said John Pierce, WeatherMAX product manager. "It has proven that a textile can be strong without added weight, breathable, yet highly resistant to water and rugged, while still providing the beautiful, rich appearance that today's consumer expects. This US patent shows just how unique this material is."

Safety Components manufactures marine, outdoor, fire, military, aerospace and auto air bag technical fabrics. The company serves the marine, outdoor, fire, military, aerospace and auto air bag markets.

Contact WeatherMAX by Safety Components, 40 Emery St., Greenville, SC 29605. 864-240-2712; Fax: 864-240-5947.

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