TECHNICAL CORNER: A Word From Our Engineers

AmpliTech is dedicated to expanding its Power Amplifier line. We've found a way to deliver complete turnkey solutions including super-efficient heat sinks with an option of regular or smart fans (fans that increase ariflow based on temperature sensed). The smart fans, although more efficient with regards to power consumpton because their output varies on how much cooling is needed as opposed to a fan that runs constantly at the same speed regardless of the device being cooled, poses some technical issues with regards to measuring the actual temperature of the heat sink as opposed to ambient temperature. However, our engineering staff will have a solution by the end of this July.

In addition, we are currently working very hard to develop rack-mountable amplifier systems offering up to 100W of power over bands as wide as 0.7 to 2.7 GHz using GaN technology. These types of systems are in high demand by government military branches around the globe and AmpliTech plans on being able to supply such systems at a very low-cost due to our unique approach to the manufacturing process.

There are two reasons for our renewed focus on these types of HPAs. Not only have they been a "missing piece" in our considerable product line over the years, but the applications go far beyond military implementations. HPAs, even at relatively low frequencies, are being considered for medical applications such as cancer treatment. In brief, the idea behind this is to kill the cancer cells by use of hyperthermia (overheating the cells). The challenge is to not affect the surrounding cells, so high-precision antennas are used to focus the energy. Moreover, high power is needed to reach tumors that are deeply seated in the body, making this application especially useful for tumors considered to be "inoperable." Currently, low frequency (1-2 GHz), high power (100-150W) amplifiers are part of the scheme to make such treatment possible, hence AmpliTech's current strides to provide just such types of amplifiers in efficient and cost-effective packages.

"For some time now, I've always tried to expand awareness in investors and customers alike of the possibility of implementing our amplifiers in markets other than tradtional SATCOM and military projects," stated CEO and Chief Engineer Fawad Maqbool. "I've known for some time that our traditional low noise amplifiers could be an essential component of advanced medical diagnostic equipment and now, we have proof that our high power amplifiers can play a  large role in treatment as well."

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