Technic Inc. Introduces New Gold Plating Process for Greater Adaptability

Press Release Summary:

  • An updated version of Technic Inc.'s Elevate Gold 7990 process
  • Provides a full range of deposit thickness
  • Works with optimum deposits of 0.5 microns to 100 microns with any toolset
  • Formulation operates at an acidic pH

Original Press Release:

Industry Leading Sulfite Gold Manufacturer Introduces Elevate Gold 7990 NBV

Cranston, RI, USA – Technic is pleased to announce the release of an improved sulfite gold plating process, Elevate Gold 7990 NBV. An enhanced version of the company’s industry-leading Elevate Gold 7990, the NBV version provides greater adaptability with a full range of deposit thicknesses, across diverse applications.

The use of non-cyanide gold continues to proliferate within the semiconductor industry, its growth spurred by the development of challenging applications in plating processes. Deposits ranging from 10 microns to as much as 100 microns are being sought after in a variety of toolsets, from benchtop lab equipment to wet benches and mass production fountain tools. To address these diverse requirements across such a broad range of tools, Technic has made modifications to its Elevate Gold 7990, releasing an updated formulation under the name Elevate Gold 7990 NBV.

Elevate Gold 7990 NBV performs well with optimum deposits of 0.5 microns to 100 microns in virtually any toolset. The new formulation operates at a slightly acidic pH, which is advantageous with almost all photoresists.

“Elevate Gold 7990 NBV is proven to meet the diverse demands of current industry trends with exceptional performance and no harmful metallic grain refiners such as thallium, arsenic, or lead. NBV is free of cyanide and other toxic additives, making it the ideal choice for optimum safety in the work environment as well as eliminating any concerns regarding codeposition in the finished product.”

Anthony Gallegos, Global Product Manager, Semiconductor Technology

Elevate Gold 7990 NBV is available for demo testing in our Cranston, RI Applications Lab or a demo can be set up at a customer site with support by Technic’s technical staff.

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